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The Best MLB Promotional Giveaways of 2014

Take a look at some of the unique promotional giveaways that a pair of MLB Tickets would get you this season. These giveaways are notable because they are either unique to a team’s culture and cannot be substituted by another team. These giveaways stand out from the normal promotional schedule and will surely be must haves among any fan.

Magic Johnson Bobblehead – Los Angeles Dodgers

The face of the new Dodgers’ ownership group and his bobblehead is sure to be make Dodgers Tickets hot again this year. Last year’s attendance for the Magic Johnson bobblehead giveaway drew 53,393 fans, the largest crowd of the regular season. The Dodgers’ have yet to release this year’s design or announce how many fans will be able to receive one, but mark your calendar for the September 2nd game against the Washington Nationals.


Beard Hat – Seattle Mariners

The Mariners debuted their ski cap beard combo last season and its popularity prompted this year’s revision. Last year saw this giveaway become popular with fans and players alike. The first 20,000 fans with Mariners Tickets on April 25th for the game against the Texas Rangers will receive this throwback beard hat with the original Mariner’s logo and colors.


Jack Buck Bobblehead with Voice Clip – St. Louis Cardinals

Everyone loves bobbleheads, but not all bobbleheads are modeled after one of the most icon commentators in the history of the game. The Cardinals have not released the design or what voice clip will be used, but the first 25,000 fans age 16 and older will receive a one of a kind bobblehead on June 15th for the game against the Washington Nationals with their Cardinals Tickets.


Mr. Redlegs Mustache – Cincinnati Reds

Why wait for Movember when you can wear a glorious mustache year around? Mr. Redlegs is known for his groomed handlebar mustache and now the first 20,000 fans in attendance on July 26th for the game against the Washington Nationals will be too.  Get your Cincinnati Reds Tickets here.


Racing President Bill Bobblehead – Washington Nationals

The Nationals are honoring their newest Presidents’ Race contestant William Howard Taft, aka President Bill, with his very own bobblehead. President Bill made his debut last season and is rumored to have been the originator of the 7th Inning Stretch. Nationals Tickets for the game August 17th against the Pittsburgh Pirates gets you this Presidential Promotion.


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