The Ultimate Giants Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Giants tickets make way for fans to experience that game at AT&T Park. The 41,503-seat ballpark, is the home field of the San Francisco, Giants. Although it opened in 2000, its classic design is the real deal. This Kentucky bluegrass field is a baseball lover’s dream. The ballpark is located in Willie Mays Plaza in San Francisco, California and features a 9-foot statue of one of the Giants’ most celebrated players: Mays.

With so many seats and luxury seating areas to choose from in AT&T Park, finding the right one can feel like hitting a fast ball with a rubber bat. Luxury suites offer several amenities and can accommodate larger parties, while economy seats offer a true downhome ballpark experience. Make your final selection using the AT&T Park seating chart. This handy guide will help you interpret the ins-and-outs of the seating chart, as well as the subtleties of the park.

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Levels for Viewing

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There are five main viewing levels, each with their own sections. From field level and up, the viewing sections are as follows:

  • Field Level – Lower box area, including field club and premium lower box seating.
  • Promenade Level – also includes field club and premium lower box seating, plus center field bleachers.
  • Virgin America Club Level – Virgin America club and View Reserve Infield seating.
  • View Level – Upper deck, including bleachers and view boxes.

The following is a detailed breakdown of each area, plus the associated views and amenities.

Oracle Suites

The Oracle Suites are located on the Oracle Suite level, just below the View Level and includes suite numbers 1-67. Suites 20-30 have an exceptional view of home plate. The suites are fully outfitted for a premium viewing experience. The Hall of Fame Suite (62) accommodates up to 30 guests and provides a complete view of the field. Each suite features a private, glass window viewing experience complete with Wi-Fi and HDTVs.

Amenities include a bar and refrigerator, as well as multi-level park access, including special Field Club and Club Level. Catering service can be provided by Bon Appetit upon request. For those who wish to venture outside of the suite, women’s restrooms are located near suites 6, 33, and 55; men’s are located near 10, 30, and 58.

Lexus Batter’s Box & The Dugout Box

The Lexus Batter’s Box is located on the ground level. The Batter’s Box is directly behind home plate, which provides a complete, action-packed experience that’s enough to make you feel like you’re in the game. But you better scoop these seats up fast – there are only 15 seats available.

The Dugout Box is a high-stakes seating area located right next to the opposing teams’ dugout. It provides an excellent view of first base. Just like the Batter’s Box, the seats go fast. There are 16 available, in a four-row arrangement.

The nearest women’s restrooms are located in sections 108 and 119; men’s are in sections 110 and 124. Restaurants and concessions are located nearby on the Promenade Level. There you’ll find AT&T Parks famous Gilroy Garlic Fry, as well as a full selection of beer and grillers.

Field Club Seating

Field Club seating is a level up from the dugout seating and a step down in pricing. It still provides an awesome view of all the home plate action. The Premium Filed Club section extends around the dugout with prime viewing in the middle and exceptional views of first and third base on either far end (107 and 124, respectively).  The Premium Field Club extends up to row E. The standard Field Club area includes rows F and above and has the same section numbers and views, albeit a bit farther back.

The Field Club Lounge is open to all Field Club ticket holders. The Lounge features high-end food and beverages, including wine. Field Club guests can easily access restrooms in sections 108 and 119 (women’s) or 110 and 124 (men’s).

Virgin America Club Seating

Virgin America Club seating is a premium section that takes over an entire level of AT&T Park. Standard Virgin America Club seating extends around home plate, with a perfect pitching view in section 215.

High rollers can purchase tickets for the luxury Virgin America Loft at McCovey Cove. The Giants recommend this area for business entertainment. It accommodates parties of up to 45 people. It’s located in the right field seating area near the arcade. The tiered patio offers a complete view of the field.

Restrooms are available in sections 108 and 119 (women’s) or 110 and 124 (men’s). Fans have prime access to a complete menu of concessions found on the Virgin American Club level, including Doggie Diners hotdogs and Murph’s Irish Pubs beer and bar food.

Premium Lower Box Seating

Premium Lower Box Seating is sandwiched in-between the Virgin America Club and Field Club seating. These sections are still fairly close to the infield and offer some access to private areas. Sections 115 and 116 have the best batter views. Sections 105, 106, 125, and 126 will get you in on all the baseline action.

Premium Lower Box seating is conveniently located on the Promenade Level, main concourse. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are easily accessible from all sections of the Lower Box Seating area via the Promenade.

Lower Box Seating

Lower Box seating is an economical choice with a great view. Low Box rows 31 and up will find great views of the infield in sections 105-126. Lower Box Left Field seating is a bit further from the action. Fans should know that sections 131 and 135, left field, provide the better views. While, section 133 is much further back. All Lower Box fans will see excellent views of homerun hits.

Lower Box guests do not receive special access to exclusive areas; however, they are conveniently situated on the Promenade Level, main concourse. Men’s and women’s bathrooms are easily accessible from all sections of the Lower Box Seating area via the Promenade.

View Box & View Reserve Seating

The View Box Seats are way up at the top, but at least they have a view of the main action in the infield, unlike the what you’ll find in the bleachers. You’ll also have a gorgeous bay view. The more cost-effective View sections extend to the outfield and left field. Fans can choose from View Box (sections 302-331), the second highest sections; View Box Left Field, at the same level as View Box, but further left field; or any of the highest level sections, including the View Reserve seating options available throughout sections 302 to 336.

All View level seating has easy access to the main concourse or Promenade Level. The View sections have specific restrooms. Women’s restrooms are located in sections 305, 313, 319, 324, and 330; men’s are located in 305, 311, 321, 328, and 331. There are many concession stands and vendors available directly on the View level.


If you’re looking for an economical seating option, then you can’t go wrong with classic ballgame bleachers. Being a part of the park’s live action will always trump watching the game at home. But which section should you choose? Center field bleachers, sections 143 and 144 (rows 1-20), as well as the bleachers in sections 136-142 (rows 1-25) offer some of the closest non-grandstand views of the outfield and second base. Bleachers 136-142 (Rows 26 plus), and center field bleachers 142-144 (rows 21 plus) are slightly further back.

Restrooms are conveniently located under the bleachers in section 142. You’ll also find restaurant food from John McGraw Derby Grill, Fresh Popped Popcorn, and other concessions.

Elevators & Escalators

AT&T Park offers elevator access to all levels of the park via the Willie Mays Plaza and Second Street Plaza elevators. Guests who only wish to access the Promenade level should use the Lefty O’Doul and Seals Plaza elevators. An escalator is available at the Willie Mays Plaza entrance. Guests in need of assistance can request more information from guest services personnel.

Lost and Found

It’s possible you’ll misplace a thing or two in all the hustle. Now that you know how to find your seat, familiarize yourself with the Lost and Found. It’s located on the Promenade Level, in the Guest Services Office, behind section 119. Guest services personnel will be happy to assist.

Entering and Exiting the Park

Patrons may enter and exit through any gate. There are four gates on all sides of the field: the Willie Mays Gate, the O’Doul Gate, the 2nd Street Gate, and the Marina Gate. Guests may leave and re-enter at any time during the game, however, they must have their ticket stub or hand stamped at any gate for re-entry.  Please note: gates open two hours before game time.

Hopefully you’re now a pro on the AT&T ballpark. Not so much? If nothing else, at least you know where to find the best views – and the restrooms. Decide what seating area is right for you based on your preferred home game experience. Use this guide to scope out all the details on the big leaguer seats, and even those last-minute spots up high in the outfield.

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