The Ultimate Rockies Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Looking for Colorado Rockies tickets? With the team forming in 1991 and Coors Field opening in 1995, the franchise is young compared to many other teams. Yet, in its first season, 4.4 million fans attended games (the most in all of baseball history). Coors Field revitalized lower downtown Denver (called Lo-Do) and today you’ll find many bars and restaurants surrounding the field.

With 50,490 seats, you’re sure to find tickets if you want to attend a game. Many visitors to Coors Field say there are no bad seats here, but depending on what you’re looking for in your experience, you may decide that one section of the stadium is better than others. This guide will help you find the perfect seats.

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Up Close to the Action

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If you’re looking for seats that are close to the action, consider the seats along the first and third baselines, especially sections 120 through 126, and 135 through 141. This will allow you to see the entire field while sitting in sections 127 through 134 obscures your view somewhat because of the net behind home plate. For an average game, these tickets will run you around $55 to $60. Though club seats come with more room and amenities, you’ll feel more a part of the action by sitting in the lower level seats.

Coors Clubhouse

Found in sections A, B, C, and D, located right behind home plate, the Coors Clubhouse includes many special amenities not found elsewhere. For one, there’s a private entrance and private restaurant with lounge. Ticket holders will receive complimentary dining either in the restaurant or in their seats, so they don’t have to get up when the munchies hit. Tickets for this section are not cheap and cost about $250, though that includes the buffet and in-seat service.

Rocky Mountain Ranch Club

Seconded only to the Coors Clubhouse seats in luxury, the Rocky Mountain Ranch Club seats are another premium option that makes for a wonderful memory. With the Mountain Ranch Club, reserved seating is available on the two-tiered patio and lower level of the restaurant. Each table accommodates either two or four people and includes a TV. Included in the ticket is $30 to $50 of concessions credits. Note that these tickets are limited for single game tickets.

Complete with Amenities

For those who would like extra amenities without the hefty price tag, club level seats are a great way to go. These include the infield club seats, that are $60 to $65 for an average game, and outfield club seats that are $56 to $58. Section 242 is especially ideal since it’s along the third baseline but is the closest outfield club seat to home plate.

These Wells Fargo Club seats include comfortable seating, food service and concessions, and access to the Wells Fargo Club. A wait staff is ready to assist you and bring food right to your seat. Behind these club seats is an enclosed, climate-controlled concourse with a large glass window to view the game. When weather permits, these glass windows can be raised to create open-air accommodations.

Suites at Coors Field

As of 2013, there are 49 suites available for private parties. These include private suites that accommodate 12 to 20 guests all the way up to super suites that accommodate up to 500 people. There are also group picnic areas that can accommodate up to 2,000. Each suite includes tickets, catered food and beverages, parking passes, a special scoreboard solute, and copies of Rockies Magazine.

Catch Home Run Balls

If you’re looking to collect baseballs, the pavilion seats and sections 107 through 109 are the best areas to catch a home run. If you show up to the stadium early (it opens two hours before the game’s start time), you can be there for the teams’ hitting practices, giving you a great opportunity of catching balls (and you might even get one of the baseball players in the outfield to toss you one).

Pavilion seats are bench seats like the Rockpile seats, but they have a back to them giving a little more comfort.

Outfield Seats

If you’re looking for seats that aren’t too expensive but better than the Rockpile, outfield seats will save you money costing only about $14 or $15 for the 300-level seats and $21 to $24 for a 200-level seat at a typical game. This includes sections 301 through 310, and 201 through 209. However, note that because of the design of the stadium (because of the higher elevation), the outfield is very large.  Therefore, seats placed in the outfield are further from the action than at a typical MLB game.

Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re looking for the best price for the scenery, check out the seats in the outfield box at sections 110 through 119, and 142 through 150. For about $33 to $35, you have a great view of game for a fraction of the price. Sections 119 and 142, with seats closest to 141 and 120, are especially nice because you’ll be the closest to the higher priced seats at right across the aisle.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Many have mentioned the beautiful scenery that surrounds Coors Field. This includes the gorgeous mountains and the unforgettable sunsets. Still, if you’d rather not sit with the sun in your face throughout the game (this is especially the case for day games in the dead of summer), avoid sitting on the first base side of the field. By sitting along the third baseline, you can enjoy the shade and avoid squinting the entire game and getting a headache. For afternoon games in July, even the 100-level seats will be in the shade most of the game (rows 30 and higher should be in shade the entire game).

If you do get tickets for the opposite side, don’t forget baseball hats or visors, sunglasses, and sunscreen. If you’re headed to a night game, a seat along the first baseline will give you an awesome view of the sun setting over the mountains. You’ll see even more of the mountains if you sit up in the 200- or 300-level seats.

Cheapest Tickets of Baseball

If you’re looking for a cheap way to attend a game, consider getting Rockpile tickets. These tickets are for sections 401, 402, and 403 located in the middle of the outfield. Many find that these tickets put you out in the ozone layer and are uncomfortable (with no backs to the bleachers), but at the same time, it allows you into the stadium to enjoy a baseball game. If you’re okay with standing, there are many places where you can view the game closer up, such as behind the bullpens in the outfield. Here you’ll find shade and have a great view of the action.

These tickets are available two and a half hours before the game time and the box office will remain open up to 60 minutes after the start of the game. Tickets are $4 for teens and adults and $1 for fans 12 years and younger and for fans 55 years and older (must be present at time of purchase).

If you choose to go for Rockpile tickets, don’t forget to bring extra padding to sit on. In addition, bring a padded stadium seat with a back if you have one, so you’re back isn’t sore by the end of the game.

Special Events

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If you’re not sure when the best time is to get tickets, there are certain games that are extra enjoyable. Some of these are games around Independence Day (July 4) because after the game, there is a fireworks show. Because this event is so popular, they’ve implemented a ticket lottery system for the $4 Rockpile tickets. Depending on where you sit and the draw of the lottery, you may get the chance to sit on the field for the fireworks show.

If you’re interested in tickets to these games, look for an announcement about a month before detailing how the lottery will be handled and on what day it will be available. There may be other games with fireworks as well, so check ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Purple Seats

When you walk into Coors Field, you’ll notice a purple line that travels in a circle around the entire stadium. These purple seats mark exactly one mile above sea level. They might not be the best seats to sit in, but it does make them special if you get one of the seats. You’ll find them 20 rows up on the upper deck, just six rows from the top.

Baseball games create lasting memories. Whether you opt for the cheap Rockpile seats or the luxury club seats and suites, you’ll find tickets to Coors Field that are perfect for your group. Purchase tickets in advance from to ensure you get to sit just where you want, to enjoy a day at the ball game.

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