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ScoreBig Was There: Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs

Thanks to Scorebig, I used some of my employee tickets to take two friends to the Clippers vs. Spurs game on February 18. We all live in within Los Angeles itself, but that does not always mean you’ll have an easy time getting to Staples Center. There was surprisingly little traffic on my way home from work and even less on the way to downtown, but one of the biggest challenges is always going to be parking. I can predict how the night will go by three things:

1. We find parking.
2. We find free parking (Yes, this is possible).
3. We find free parking within walking distance of Staples Center (No, we did not get a parking ticket).

With all three of those checked off by 7:00 pm, the night got even better with every fan in attendance receiving a Cliff Paul Bobblehead. We settled into our seats in PR 17 just in time to see the Clippers’ pregame dunk show.


The Clippers looked fresh coming off the All-Star break. I stopped by the Clippers’ Fan Central on the concourse during halftime to visit with old colleagues and supervisors and everyone was in high spirits. Attend any Clippers’ game and you can feel the renewed passion for the franchise and the stigma of the past fading. Blake Griffin has been playing like the super star he was projected to be and DeAndre Jordan is having the best season of his career. With a healthy Chris Paul and 19,000 Cliff Paul’s assisting, how could they lose right?


You can never count out the Spurs. Despite struggling against playoff bound teams this season, they are still the #2 seed in the West with the 3rd best record in the NBA (even with an aggregate team age of 432 years old). You expect Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili to be beat you with their experience and savvy. But you don’t expect Patty Mills, a connoisseur of towel waving, to drop 16 4th quarter points off the bench while Marco Belinelli rained in 3’s like he was still in the 3-point contest.


Despite the loss, it was a great time with great friends thanks to ScoreBig.


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