The Ultimate Athletics Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for Oakland Athletics tickets, you have many options to consider in Coliseum. With 34,077 seats and 87 luxury suites, you can go for general admission in the bleachers or a coveted spot behind home plate. Check out this detailed guide, for a look at every option in the stadium.

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The Oakland Athletics have called this stadium home for over 40 years. In that time, it’s gone by many names including the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Network Associates Coliseum, McAfee Coliseum, and Coliseum. Today, the park has settled on the name Coliseum to reflect the new branding campaign for


The bleachers are one of the cheapest options available if you’re looking to catch a game on a budget. The bleachers span sections 134 to 150 and tickets are for general admission. You’re way out in the outfield, but bleacher seating is known for offering a more lively environment than other seats. As in most stadium designs, this section also gives you a decent shot at catching a home run ball.

Plaza Outfield

The Plaza Outfield seats are situated in sections 200 to 204 and 230 to 234. These outfield seats put you a good distance from the field, but your elevated position on the second level should give you a decent eye for what’s happening.

Plaza Reserved

The Plaza Reserved seats are in sections 235 to 249. These seats are elevated above the bleachers so you can view the game from a bit higher, though you’re still in the outfield. The other advantage over this section over the bleachers is that you’ll have assigned seating and not general admission. If you don’t want to worry about showing up early and holding on to good seats, this section is a price-friendly option.

BBQ Terrace

If you’re bringing a whole group to the game, the BBQ Terrace is a great option. Coliseum features two BBQ Terraces, with one each in left field and right field. Situated to either side of the bleachers, the terraces admittedly offer a sub-par view, but visitors book these sections as much for the food and atmosphere as for the game.

Each BBQ terrace seats 50 to 70 guests. These private seating areas come with your own pregame BBQ meal, just as the name suggests. If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday or other special event, consider this for your group.

Value Deck

The Value Deck includes sections 316 to 318. This small section of third level seats is situated directly behind the field. While you’ll enjoy a great angle for viewing the game, the drawback here is obviously the distance.

Field Level

You’ll find Field Level seating in rows 21 through 28 of sections 101 to 108 and 126 to 133. The closer you are to the center of the stadium, the better your view is in these seats. While the sections on the end are in the outfield and behind the BBQ terraces, those toward the center offer a decent view and good value.

Field Infield

The Field Infield seats are in rows 21 through 28 of sections 109 to 125. These seats give you a great view of the game from their slightly elevated vantage point. Section 117 is directly behind home plate. If you want to avoid possible depth perception issues with this location, opt for seats in sections 119 or 115 where you’re offset just enough to enjoy a fantastic angle.

Field Box Seats

The exclusive Field Box Seats are right next to each dugout. The First Base Field Box is accessible through section 109. The Third Base Field Box is accessible through section 125. Tickets to these seats come with parking in the Field Box lot. You’ll enjoy in-seat food and beverage service from a limited menu as well as special player meet and greets and field visits. Tickets are available in half season and full season plans.

Lower Box

The Lower Box takes up rows 1 to 20 in sections 103 through 108 and 126 through 130. Though further from the field, these are your most affordable seats on the first level. The closer you are to the center, the better your view. Sections 108 and 126 are right next to the field boxes.

Plaza Level

Plaza Level seats are in sections 205 to 209 and 225 to 229. Though most of these sections are above the Field Level seats, sections 209 and 225 are over the Field Infield section, giving you a much closer view.

Plaza Infield

Plaza Infield seats are found in sections 210 and 211 as well as 215 through 224. The Plaza Club seating takes up sections 212 through 214. Plaza Infield seats offer an excellent view of the game as all of them provide a good angle for viewing the field. Whether you prefer the elevated vantage point or you’re just looking for a more manageable price, these seats are a good alternative to the Field Infield seating below.

Plaza Club

The Plaza Club seats are in sections 212, 213, and 214. These seats are slightly to the right of home base, giving you an excellent view with no issues related to depth perception, as you might experience directly in the center of the stadium. The Bar and Grille Bay is conveniently located near these sections as well.


The MVP seats in sections 109, 110, 124, and 125 sit directly behind the field boxes. For a great view and unforgettable experience, these are one of the best options, and second only to seats in the field boxes themselves or the MVP Infield.

MVP Infield

MVP Infield seats are in sections 111 to 123. Sections 111 and 123 are behind the field boxes. If you’re looking for seats close to the field, these are all excellent choices. Keep in mind, however, that the Field Infield seats just behind them offer similar views for a much lower price.

A wheelchair ramp is located behind sections 120 and 114 for easy access to wheelchair seating on this level. Score a seat right in these sections for the shortest commute from your seat to concessions, restrooms, and other conveniences.

NetSuite Diamond Level Seats

The very front of sections 115 through 119 in the MVP Infield section are designated as diamond level seats. NetSuite Diamond Level seats come with several perks, including private parking in the Diamond Level lot, an all-you-can-eat menu with in-seat service, two complimentary alcoholic beverages if you’re of age, and exclusive meet and greets with players. Promotional giveaway items are often included with these seats as well.

You access these seats through the visiting team’s tunnel. This prime section includes only 183 seats, located just 60 feet from home plate. If you’re willing to splurge, these seats promise an unforgettable experience for every game. Tickets are available in half season or full season plans.

Loge Seats

The Loge Seats are in sections 1, 2, and 3 on the right side of the stadium, and sections 65 and 66 on the left. These small sections are located over the outfield beside the many suites situated on this level.

Loge Suites

Dozens of NetSuite Loge Suites make it possible to view the game in your own private room. Catering is available for all suite plans. These Loge Suites number 42 through 60 on the left side of the stadium, 7 through 24 on the right, and 67 through 96 over the outfield. The eastside suites have 18 seats, making them one of the most spacious options in the stadium. These suites feature five television screens and private restrooms. Westside suites are available with 12 or 18 seats. These are located along the baselines.

The 12-seat suite packages come with two VIP parking passes. With an 18-seat suite package, you’ll get 3 VIP parking passes for your guests.

Club Suites

The infield Club Suites offer some of the better suite views, situated in sections 48 through 43, 40 through 35, 31, 32, 21, and 22. Club infield suits are available with 14 or 20 seats. The 14-seat suites come with 3 VIP parking passes while the 20-seat suites come with 4 VIP parking passes.

Left Field Loft

The Left Field Loft is located in sections 61 through 64, over left field. These suites are ideal for large groups. The Left Field Loft can accommodate 50 to 100 guests. With the 50-guest package, you will receive 10 VIP parking passes, while the 100-guest package comes with 20 parking passes. Both choices include a generous food package that will keep you satisfied throughout the game.

With so many options for Oakland Athletics seats, you can snag a ticket on any budget and for any type of experience. Grab some friends and book a private box for a single game, or splurge on some season tickets for the best sections in the stadium. Whatever your plan, you’re sure to find a seat that will give you just the experience you’re looking for.

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