The Ultimate Orioles Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for Baltimore Orioles tickets, but you have never been to the ballpark before, you may not know what seats will give you the best view of the action. Some areas may be directly in the sunlight during daytime games, while others might make it tough to see what’s going on in the game. Check out these sections to see which seating choice is best for you.

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Field Box

The field box is the best seating area, which includes sections 16-18, 20-54, and 56-58. The seats in these sections are directly behind and surrounding home plate, so you can cheer for your favorite players while they take aim and hit home runs. Since these seats are behind the plate, you won’t have to turn your head and end up with a neck ache after the game ends. You will be able to look straight on to view the exciting game. The upper rows in these sections are often priced lower than other areas of the lower bowl.

In Front of the Press Box

Sections 33-39, within the field box area of the park, are actually in front of the press box, giving them distinct advantages over other areas. They offer the same view as those in the front rows behind home plate, but with additional views of the outfield. These sections are smaller than others, so they are often less crowded. If the players have invited guests, the guests get to sit right next to sections 33-39, so you may catch a glimpse of a spouse, friend, or relative.

Club Box

The upper section that is directly above the field box is called the Club Box, and it contains sections 204-210, 212-214, 216-254, 256-260, 262-270, and 272-280. These areas actually surround the press box, so they provide a clear view. This area of the ballpark contains restaurants that aren’t available in other sections. The Club Box is also covered, so you have shelter during storms. Since the weather in Baltimore is sometimes unpredictable, this is a great way to enjoy the game without getting wet and cold.

LF Picnic Perch

If you choose a seat in sections 282-288, these seats are in the area called LF Picnic Perch. Along with your ticket, you will receive unlimited hot dogs, sodas, and various tasty menu items that you can snack on during the game. You can upgrade your tickets in these sections to include a bistro table, which seats four and provides an area where you can sit to enjoy your meals and snacks.

Miller Lite Flite Deck

If you are attending the game with a group of 24 or more adults, you can reserve tickets on the Miller Lite Flite Deck. This area offers a prime view, since it is located on the club level on the right field line, and has an open feel so you and your guests can enjoy spending time together while watching the game. Each ticket also comes with a $15 food and beverage voucher to spend at one of the tasty restaurants on the club level.

Lower Box

The lower box contains sections 6-14 and 60-64, and the LF lower box includes sections 66-86. Just above those two areas are the LF club box and drink rail, where you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the scoreboard and baseball field.  These seats do face the outfield, so you will have to keep your head turned in order to watch the pitches and hits in the infield. Some areas of the lower box also allow you to see the flat screen monitors in the lower sections, so you can easily watch instant replays of the most exciting plays.

Drink Rail

If your seats are behind the drink rail, you will have a full and unobstructed view of the game, as well as a place to set food and drinks while you enjoy the excitement. These seats face the third baseline, and are a great spot to sit on a warm spring day.

Upper Box

The third level of Camden Yards contains the upper box area, which contains sections 306-312, 316-356, and 358-372. These tickets are cheaper than those in the middle or ground levels, so you can afford to bring your whole family to a game. You can still see from these seats, but you may have to turn your head to see some parts of the game because some of the sections are along the foul lines of the field. The middle sections surround home plate and have a similar view to the one from the Miller Lite Flite Deck.

Lower Reserve

The Lower Reserve contains seats in the back rows of sections 7-17. These seats are near the Miller Lite Flite Deck, and provide an easy exit when the game is over. They are above the first baseline and extend to the outfield as the numbers get lower. There are fun activities for kids located near this section of the park, such as the Carvel Kids Corner, which has a playground and a place to practice pitching. It even has the Junior Dugout, where children can spin a wheel to win prizes.


A drawback to sitting in the Lower Reserve sections is the overhang, which can obstruct your view of the scoreboard (Camden Yards’ scoreboard actually sits slightly higher than ones in other ballparks). This is a great feature for rainy days, since it will protect you from getting wet, but it can block the panoramic view of the park that many fans love. If you tend to have trouble walking, these seats are very close to some of the popular upper level restaurants, so it may be a better choice if you plan to eat while at the game.

Eutaw Street Bleachers

Eutaw Street is a famous spot to visit in Baltimore, boasting local favorites for food, drinks, and historical landmarks. There is a section of the ballpark near Eutaw Street that contains bleachers, where you and your family or friends can sit and watch the game without paying a lot for tickets. This area actually has the cheapest seats in the lower section, and you will be sitting beneath the scoreboard. This is near the Roof Deck, a fun place to relax and enjoy a cold drink on a warm summer day.

Statues and Plaques

As you walk down Eutaw Street toward the park, make sure to check out the unique plaques near the flag court. Each of these bronze baseballs is in a spot where a player has hit a ball well outside the park. In the 21 years that the park has been open, 60 balls have hit Eutaw Street, so you can look for balls hit by your favorite Orioles players from the past two decades. There are also statues of famous players, such as Cal Ripken, Jr., Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, and more, so baseball history lovers should check it out.

Upper Reserve

The Upper Reserve is the highest spot for fan seating, including sections 306-312, 316-356, 360-364, and 368-388. Although these seats are high, they provide a birds-eye view of the players, and you can easily see the scoreboard from these sections. They also offer special pricing in these sections for games on Tuesdays, which can save you a bundle of money when taking your family to a game.

Breathtaking Views

1Image via Flickr by Mark Larson

Another benefit of choosing an upper level ticket instead of a lower level is the beautiful view of the Baltimore skyline. The upper decks block the seats in the lower sections, so you can’t take in the picturesque buildings and blue skies that surround downtown. You also won’t be able to enjoy the pleasant sunshine during warmer months, since most of the lower seats beneath upper decks are in the shade.

Centerfield Bar

Several years ago, Camden Yards introduced the Centerfield Bar, which contains two rows of seats that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. On days when the park is crowded, it will be difficult to get up to that area, but if you can get there early and grab a seat, you will have a full and unique view of the park. A lot of fans will wait for people to leave, so if you vacate your seat, you may not be able to get back into the section.

Comfortable Seating

Most Orioles fans appreciate the spacious rows that allow for plenty of leg room, even for taller guests. There are no areas in Camden Yards that have tighter seating, so you can choose a seat anywhere in the park and feel comfortable. The fans also say that there is no bad seat in this ballpark, meaning that just about anywhere you sit will provide a great view of the game. You might choose a seat in a section between 16-56 (no matter what level) because these will provide the best views near the bases.

As you take in the sights of Baltimore, make sure to take part in the rich baseball history at an Orioles game. This is a fun way to spend time with loved ones while sampling local flavors and cheering on the pros.

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