The Ultimate Red Sox Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for Boston Red Sox tickets, you’ll find yourself with thousands of options all over the legendary Fenway Park. With more than 37,000 seats including over 6,400 in the bleachers, 13,650 in the box seats, and nearly 12,000 in the grandstand section, you can enjoy the game up close and personal or off in a luxury suite. Get to know all your options before the next game so you can pick the perfect tickets for your baseball experience.

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Bleachers line the right and right-center outfield at Fenway Park in sections 34 through 43. These offer the most affordable choice for catching a Red Sox game. Tickets for the upper bleachers in sections 36 through 43 are the cheapest option in the stadium, and the only tickets cheaper than the lower bleachers are those for standing room.

Situated 500 feet from home plate, these seats don’t offer the best view. With the scoreboard over your head in the center field bleachers, you’ll need to do a lot of neck craning to really take it all in. However, if you’re going for the atmosphere and working with a budget, this is a great option.

Outfield Grandstand

Outfield Grandstand seats are found in sections 1 through 10 along the right outfield, and sections 32 and 33 in left outfield. The awning over these seats will give you relief from sun and rain, but the angle and distance make the view worse than many of the bleacher seats. The awning poles can also cause problems with visibility as you’re looking toward home plate. On the upside, you’ll have access to field level amenities for a very low ticket price.

Standing Room

You can get tickets for standing room only in the following areas:

  • Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck
  • Right Field Roof Box
  • Right Field Roof Terrace
  • Coca-Cola Pavilion Reserved
  • Pavilion
  • General Seating
  • Green Monster

These tickets will give you a chance to hang out in one of these sections, but you won’t have a seat or a place to stash your things, so you’ll have to stand through the game. Though affordable, you’ll pay for these tickets in the way of comfort.

Right Field Roof Box

The Right Field Roof Box seats are in odd-numbered sections 23 through 43. These open-air boxes get close to the right field corner and give you a view of both the game and the Boston skyline. The elevation of this section gives you a great view for a middle of the line price.

Right Field Roof Terrace

The Right Field Roof Terrace is divided into Terrace A, behind the right Field Roof Box sections 23 through 33, and Terrace B behind sections 35 through 43. Seating here consists of metal chairs placed before waist-high tables.

Right Field Box

Right Field Box seats are in sections 1 through 8 at the bottom, and sections 87 through 97 above. Most seats in this area offer decent views. However, some seats have an obstructed view due to stadium supports. Beware of tickets marked “obstructed view” as these often stick you in a spot with no view of the infield.

Infield Grandstand

Infield Grandstand seats range from section 11 on the first base side of the stadium, to section 31 on the opposite end, overlooking third base. Sections 11, 12, and 28 through 31 typically have lower ticket prices. Sections 20 and 21 put you squarely in the center of the stadium, behind home plate. While these seats all offer good views, the best ones are closer to the center. Avoid “obstructed view” tickets in this section at all costs, as these seats typically put you right behind a support pole where you’ll have virtually no view of the game.

Coca-Cola Pavilion Reserved

The Coca-Cola Pavilion Reserved seats are in only two sections on the left side of the stadium. Coca-Cola sponsors sections 16 and 18. Seating here comes in the form of picnic tables. Though there’s a small concession area, this section has little else to boast of.

Pavilion Box

Pavilion Box seats are in sections 1 through 14. Odd-numbered sections are on the first base side of the stadium, and even-numbered sections are on the third base side. These seats are just above the Pavilion Club areas, so you enjoy a similar view, but without the special amenities. You do have access to pavilion level concessions and restrooms, which have shorter lines than lower levels.

Pavilion Club

The Pavilion Club boxes are in sections 1 through 14 below the Pavilion Box seats. If you’re in an odd-numbered section, you sit on the first base side of the stadium, while even-numbered sections are on the third base side. This open-air section is covered, so you can enjoy relief from the elements. Seats here come with many benefits including access to two private bars and a club lounge as well as in-seat food and beverage service.

Loge Box

Loge Boxes number 98 through 165. Boxes 98 to 102, and 157 to 165 are marginally cheaper as they’re on the far ends of this section. Boxes 129 and 130 are just behind home plate. These seats typically go to annual pass holders and are not offered on a per game basis. While the view is good, there’s not a significant difference between the back of the Loge Box and the front of the Infield Grandstand. Loge Box seats are packed a little closer together, so fans who like more space that is personal should opt for a different section.

Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck

The Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck is located above the Outfield Grandstand sections 2, 3, and 4. Fans here sit in groups of four, around small tables. You must purchase your tickets four at a time for a whole table rather than a single seat. Fans here enjoy in-seat food and beverage service, and most tickets come with a food and beverage credit. The drawback to this unique seating option is that the section is entirely uncovered, leaving you exposed to the elements.

Field Box

The Field Box section features some of the best seats in the house, but it’s so large you really need to pay attention to where your seats are to understand the kind of view you’ll get. Boxes 17 through 70 give you the best view and surround the infield. Boxes 9 to 16 and 71 to 82 are situated at either end and have a slightly different angle so your view isn’t as good. Sections 62 to 82 and 9 to 27 give you the best chances for catching a foul ball.

Dugout Box

Sections 10 through 15, 29 through 61, and 72 through 80 have two or three rows of Dugout Box seats at the very front. These seats feature in-seat food and beverage service, concierge services, and access to private restrooms and the Absolut Clubhouse.

Green Monster Seats

2Image via Flickr by ChrisDag

The well-known Green Monster Seats offer one of the best experiences in major league baseball. These seats atop the left field wall. Fans enjoy an excellent view as well as an unparalleled chance at catching a home run ball. Seating is limited and somewhat cramped, but sitting in this section is an experience that most Red Sox fans readily include on their bucket lists.

EMC Club

The private EMC Club encompasses six sections on the third level of Fenway Park, right behind home plate. Ticketholders for these seats share a private concourse with the suites and have access to the EMC Club. The EMC Club Restaurant serves a brunch buffet for day games and a fine dining dinner for evening games. Concierge at the door enforce a strict dress code for these guests, so you’ll need to ditch your jeans and jersey for something much nicer.

State Street Pavilion Club

Located above the EMC Club, the State Street Pavilion Club offers yet another amazing option for food and excitement during Red Sox games. You can choose either à la carte dining or a mouth-watering buffet. In-seat food and beverage service allows you to enjoy exclusive food and beverage options without missing a minute of the game.

Pavilion Suites

Choose from four “K” suites on the third base side of the park and three “B” suites on the first base side. Each one accommodates between 20 and 25 guests. Watch the game in climate controlled comfort through a glass-viewing wall or head out to your private balcony. These suites also feature a 50″ outdoor television and 32″ indoor TV so you won’t miss a thing.

The Legends Suite

The Legends Suite sits just behind home plate on the EMC Suite level. This suite holds up to 20 guests. Your Legends Suite package also includes four front row Green Monster seats. A Red Sox legendary Hall of Famer will accompany your group during the game so you can enjoy the most memorable experience possible.

Whether you’re after the Green Monster experience or you want a seat behind home plate, Fenway Park has Red Sox tickets that will help you live out your dreams.

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