Red Sox Tickets Guide – Vegan Options at Fenway Park

When you have Boston Red Sox tickets, you want to know that you can have a great evening full of baseball and wonderful food. Many vegans feel apprehensive about ballparks. Traditional baseball foods like hotdogs and burgers don’t fit into their diets, but Fenway Park has several options for its vegan baseball fans. You can also find vegan foods at restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood.

Vegan Foods at Fenway Park

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Some of the vendors at Fenway Park stand out as snack beacons to the vegan crowd. If you want a fruit cup or fruit salad, then you should obviously head to the Gate A Fruit Cart. It has plenty of vegan options that will give you the sugar boost you need for an energetic game.

Other vegan food options aren’t so obvious. If you want more than a fruit salad, try some of these options:

  • French fries – you can find them practically anywhere, including Cumberland Deck, the Big Concourse, and the Pavilion Level.
  • Nachos – ask your server to give you extra beans, lettuce, and other toppings to replace the cheese. Nachos are about as easy to find as French fries. Look for them at Home Plate Deck, the Pavilion Level, Yawkey Way, and Twins ’47 Third Base Deck.
  • Peanuts – you can find freshly roasted peanuts all over the ballpark.
  • Popcorn – popcorn is also readily available. Just get it without butter
  • Veggie burgers and veggie dogs – the Visitor’s Clubhouse Area has veggie burgers and veggie dogs. Keep in mind that not all veggie-meat products are vegan. You might want to ask your server before ordering.

With so many options, vegans don’t have to worry about going hungry while enjoying a Red Sox game. They just have to worry about having so many delicious items to choose from!

Elephant Walk

If you want to fill your belly before or after a Boston Red Sox game, head to Elephant Park on Beacon Street. The restaurants mixture of French and Cambodian cuisine makes it possible for practically anyone to have a good meal… including those who don’t want any eggs, dairy, or meat in their food.

Some of the top vegan options at Elephant Walk include:

  • Rouleaux with Shiitake mushrooms – spring rolls filled with mushrooms, bean noodles, onions, and carrot.
  • Mee Siem au Poulet – rice noodles with tofu, garlic, pickled shallots, and other wholesome vegetables.
  • Poulet a la Citronnelle – organic tofu with lemongrass, red bell pepper, onion, and scallion
  • Tofu et Legumes Grilles, Curry Vert au Gingembre – Seared tofu with zucchini, squash, asparagus, eggplant, and portabella mushrooms with a green ginger curry

Elephant Walk has several dishes on its menu that can easily become vegan. Ask your waiter about preparation methods and recommendations. It’s nearly impossible to leave this restaurant without a full stomach, even if you follow a strict vegan diet.

Do you have a favorite spot near Fenway to grab a vegan meal before or after a game? What about concessions in the park? Do you prefer some over others?

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