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Part of what makes The Phantom of the Opera such an international and long-running success is the talent and depth of emotion portrayed by the main actors. The original Christine was played by Sarah Brightman, musical creator Andrew Lloyd Webber’s former wife. Brightman set the standard of how Christine should be played, and every actress since then has tried to raise the bar for their performance of the character.   Grab your Phantom Of The Opera Tickets from ScoreBig and never pay a single dollar in fees or shipping costs!

Brightman is an extremely talented woman. She is an English classical crossover light lyric soprano in music, but also writes songs, dances, and acts. She can even sing in over ten languages. In 1981, she made her musical début in the West End in Cats. She met the composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and later married him.

For Phantom of the Opera, Brightman originated the role of Christine in both the West End and Broadway musical versions. She recorded her musical numbers in studio for the CD release of the Original London Cast Album of Phantom in 1987. This album sold 40 million copies worldwide.

Brightman had a huge role to fill in Christine Daae. Christine lost both her parents at a young age but was especially close to her father, who used to tell her tales of the Angel of Music. Christine is sent to the Paris Opera House after her father dies and starts being trained by a mysterious voice who says he is the Angel of Music. The voice is the Phantom, and over the years as her vocal coach, he falls passionately in love with Christine.

Despite her obvious talent, Christine is stuck in the chorus. The Phantom is angered over it and causes chaos to make sure she is the lead in the upcoming opera. Things get complicated when her childhood sweetheart, Raoul, becomes producer at the opera house. They fall back in love again and become secretly engaged. The Phantom finds out and is enraged.

The night of the opera he produced specifically for Christine, he kidnaps her into his underground lair. He forces her to choose between him and Raoul. Even though Christine chooses the love of her life, Raoul, she shows great compassion for the Phantom, something he has never known. The Phantom allows both of them to be free.

Brightman had to portray Christine’s story with a range of emotions and a great deal of vocal talent. While Phantom of the Opera sticks with its musical format, Lloyd Webber tried to keep operatic elements in the production. Specifically, the musical numbers in the show within a show keep with the strict opera theme.

Since Christine must prove that she was trained by the best musician in the history of the opera, her voice needs to be angelic, effortless, and full of range. Brightman’s talent accomplishes these requirements. Brightman also has to display sweet young love to Raoul, revered hypnotism for the Phantom, fear when the Phantom’s obsession grows, and compassion and understanding to the Phantom’s plight in a moment where she faces death. Brightman’s acting range achieves all of this, making the actress a tough one to beat for future players of Christine.

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