The Ultimate Indians Tickets Buyer’s Guide

As you shop for Cleveland Indians tickets, check out the seats that have the best and worst views of the field. Going to an MLB game is a fun way to spend time with friends and family members, and Progressive Field offers a wide range of food and beverage options to keep you full while you watch the action.

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No Bad Seats

Just about every seat faces the bases at Progressive Field, so you don’t need to worry too much about buying tickets in a section where you can’t see anything. Some baseball fields have seats that face away from the action, so fans have to turn the whole time, then end up with sore necks. You can choose a seat in just about any section and face inward for the whole game. The stadium can hold as many as 43,345 people, and it fills up, especially at games against high-level opponents, such as the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox.

Diamond Box

The best seats in the house are in the diamond box section, which is behind home plate and surrounds the baselines. These seats are priced lower than many other MLB ballparks, so it is much more reasonable to take the whole family to a game and sit in the best seats. Prices for all tickets will vary depending on the opponent, but fans appreciate the affordability of attending these games. Fans also comment on the additional legroom that these seats provide, so if you are tall and want to be comfortable, consider purchasing tickets in this area.

Upper Box

There are bleachers near left field that offer a great view of the game, although they aren’t as comfortable as the seats in the lower sections. Another drawback of the bleacher seats is that you sit behind a fence, and the scoreboard is behind you. Many of the fans in this area get excited about the game, so it can be a fun and entertaining experience, but watch out for rowdy fans. Upper box seats are in the next pricing tier, but are still reasonable and give you a bird’s eye view of a great pitch or grand slam.

Field Box

After the diamond box, the field box is the next best area to watch the game. The seats are behind the diamond box in the lower section, and as you go further down toward the end of each dugout, you can even sit in the front rows of the sections at this pricing. It is still a front-row seat, and you can sometimes hear the players talking to each other inside the dugout. When the mascot comes by to lead the 7th inning stretch on top of the dugout, you and your family will be right in front.

Infield Lower Box

The next area is the infield lower box, where seats are in the lower level, but will be along baselines instead of near the infield. The view is still great, since seats face towards home plate, but you might not be able to perfectly see what is going on at first base if your seat is near the third baseline, and vice versa. You will still have an unobstructed view of the scoreboard if you choose tickets in this area of the park.

Lower Reserved

If you are looking for a ticket in the mid-range pricing bracket, lower reserved offers a unique view of the game. These sections are on the first and third baselines in the corners of the field, so they offer better opportunities to catch fly balls or home run hits. If you buy a ticket in this section, make sure to bring your baseball glove so you can try to catch your own souvenir without hurting your hand. Remember, those balls come flying at speeds of 90 MPH or even more!

View Box

The view box is also a good mid-range seat option. Since these tickets are a bit cheaper than those in the lower sections, they are slightly farther away from the field. However, when you sit higher, you can see an aerial view of the field, so that does provide additional benefits. You won’t need binoculars to see the game in this section, unless you want to read the names on the jerseys.

Upper Box

Above the view box is the upper box, which offers the most options for location around the field. You can sit near left or right field and try to catch a grand slam hit, or select a seat on one of the baselines for a better view of the infield. These seats are a great option if you don’t want to spend too much, but still want a seat with a view of the bases.

Bleacher Section

The tickets in the bleacher areas around the park are always $10, no matter what team the Indians are playing that day. Many families enjoy coming to games and paying the same price every time, so this is a great option for them. Since the bleachers are high above the field, you can see all the action while enjoying the atmosphere of the outdoor venue.

Upper Reserve

The cheapest seats in Progressive Field are in the upper reserve sections, where no matter the opponent, tickets cost $9 each. This area of the ballpark actually takes up the highest number of seats over all other areas, and the ushers aren’t too strict up here, so fans can move around and pick a seat that offers the best view of their favorite players. Even on days when the Indians are playing great teams, there are often empty seats in the upper reserve, so you can sit with friends and enjoy the action.

Standing Room

The standing room areas at Progressive Field are actually some of the most popular places for fans to congregate and talk about plays. Many people standing in this area have caught home run balls, so keep your head up for those opportunities. One of the standing room sections is called Toyota Home Run Porch. It tends to get crowded during games with high attendance. So if you are hoping to grab a spot on the porch, make sure to arrive early and stake out your standing room. You can also enjoy snacks and beverages in this area.

Club Seats

There are three sections of club seats along the first baseline: infield club, midfield club, and outfield club. The prices vary based on whether your seats are in the lower section or higher up, but the good news is that the pricing stays the same throughout the season. When you sit in the club level, make sure to check out the delicious dining options, such as fresh popcorn with unique gourmet toppings, salads and sandwiches with fun twists, nachos piled high with local ingredients, and a variety of drinks to quench the thirst of just about anyone.

Bring a Group

Progressive Field also offers group pricing and seats together, so coming to a game is a fun option for a corporate retreat, family reunion, or simply getting a group of friends together for an exciting day in Cleveland. The ballpark offers plenty of dining options, so you can munch on traditional ballpark food, such as hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, and soda, or you can select from unique options that are twists on local favorites. Don’t forget about dessert: the stadium has delicious treats for any sweet tooth.

Game Pricing

Progressive Field has three rankings for games: super value, value, and prime. If you want to see a highly ranked opponent, choose a game that falls under prime, but be prepared to pay a little more for each ticket. Ticket pricing drops significantly for super value games, so if you have a big family and just want to see the Indians play a live game, you can save money by choosing one of those. You can also pay less for tickets that are much closer to the field if you choose a lower tier game.



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Many of the fans who attend Indians games are solid, die-hard fans who will cheer for their team no matter what is going on during the season. It’s a great spot for families, since the ballpark boasts a batting cage, pitching booth, mini baseball field, and a video game station. There is also a Rookie Suite, where parents can check kids in and out, and they can enjoy playground equipment, while parents can sit nearby and watch the game.

Before You Buy

As you look at ticket options, consider the fact that tickets to prime games can cost twice as much as value games, or sometimes even more than double the price. If you are set on going to one of these games, you may want to consider choosing a seat in a section where ticket prices stay the same, since that can help you stay within a budget while enjoying the exciting baseball fun. It may even help you save enough money to be able to stock up on souvenirs or choose a more elegant meal while at the game.

Catching a live baseball game is a tradition that many people enjoy participating in with loved ones. When you attend a Cleveland Indians game, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

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