The Ultimate Royals Tickets Buyer’s Guide

If you’re shopping for Kansas City Royals tickets for a home game, you’ll find yourself in Kauffman Stadium otherwise known as “The K.” This stadium celebrated its 40th birthday in 2013, having hosted more than 70 million fans since its opening in 1973. Thanks to a $250 million renovation in 2009, this classic stadium boasts many modern features including an interactive crown above the HD Crown Vision scoreboard.

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Hy-Vee Outfield


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The Hy-Vee Outfield seats are some of the cheapest in the stadium. Located in sections 433 to 439 on the right field side of the stadium, and sections 401 to 407 on the left field side, these seats are well-removed from the action. Fans should also note that these sections are oddly shaped, so sections 404, 406, 434, and 436 are enveloped by the sections on either side, with parts of the surrounding sections behind, as well as to the right and left.

Hy-Vee Infield

Hy-Vee Infield seats are in odd-numbered sections from 409 to 431. This section also includes the even-numbered sections 428, 420, and 412. At the very back of the stadium, these don’t offer the best view. However, the price is right and these seats do get you toward the center of the field. Section 420 is directly behind home plate.

Hy-Vee Box

The Hy-Vee Box section is in front of the Hy-Vee Infield seats. This area includes sections 408 through 432. Section 420 is in the center, behind home plate. These are the best options on the 400 level.

Outfield Box

Fans can choose from several Outfield Box seats located around the stadium. Sections 104, 105, and 106 are right behind the home bullpen. Sections 101, 102, and 103 are in front of the fountains. Sections 150, 151, and 152 are behind the visitor bullpen with 250, 251, and 252 directly behind them. The Rivals Tables are just above this.

Rivals Sports Bar

Most of the 150 seats in the Rivals Sports Bar are available on a first-come first-serve basis to fans with game tickets. The bar opens an hour and a half before the game. On warm days, the retractable doors make this an open-air setting. Regardless, you can enjoy the game here on several flat screen TVs including a 103″ display. Enjoy a full menu of food and beverages throughout the game.

Rivals Tables

Seats at the Front Row Seating tables in the Rivals Sports Bar are available for purchase in groups of four. The package includes a four person table by the window of the bar as well as a credit toward your food and drink purchase. These tables put you behind sections 250 to 252 in the outfield.

Bud Light Party Deck

The Bud Light Party Deck sits atop the Rivals Sports Bar. Seating is available here for groups of 100 to 250. You’ll enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet during the game featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken salad, macaroni and cheese, potato chips, and cookies.

Pepsi Party Porch

The Pepsi Party Porch is a two-tier terrace area that offers standing room only to fans who want to enjoy the view from the outfield. Wooden planks give you a spot to rest food and drink while you’re here. This spot fills up on a first-come first-serve basis for any fan with a ticket to the game. The nearby fountains make this a potential splash zone, which is very welcome on hot days.

Fountain Seats

Located above the stadium’s famous fountains in sections 201, 202, and 203, the Fountain Seats are one of the best deals in the stadium. On hot days, the wayward mist from the fountain adds unique appeal to this area. These seats used to be available only as same-day purchases. However, the seats went on sale as season tickets for the 2013 season. Fountain Seats are particularly well-suited to families, as they’re located near the outfield children’s amenities. These include mini-golf, batting and pitching cages, and a carousel.


The Loge seats are on the 300 level of the stadium which is also home to most of the K’s suites. These seats are in sections 301 to 311 on the third base side of the stadium and section 312 to 325 on the first base side.

Field Plaza

Field Plaza seats are on the 200 level of the stadium in sections 206 to 215 in left field and sections 240 to 249 in right field. Get as close to the center as you can to avoid a view from far in the outfield.

Field Box

Field Box seats get you closer to the field on the 100 level, but they’re still in the outfield. On the right field side, these seats are in sections 148 to 140. On the left you’ll find them in sections 107 to 115. Sections 115 and 140 are the closest to the infield.

Dugout Plaza

The Dugout Plaza encompasses the 200 level infield seats. These tickets put you in sections 216 to 225 on the third base side and sections 230 to 239 on the first base side.

Dugout Box

The Dugout Box seats are some of the best in the stadium with the exception of the exclusive club seats and suites. The Dugout Box takes up sections 116 to 125 on the third base side and sections 130 to 139 on the first base side.

Kia Diamond Club

The Kia Diamond Club is in sections 126 to 129. These seats are squarely in the middle of the Dugout Box section, in that coveted area right behind home plate. Fans can also choose Diamond Club tickets in sections A through F. These lettered sections are at the very front of the Diamond Club area. All seats in this section are padded for added comfort and include in-seat food and beverage service. Tickets include access to the Kia Diamond Club Lounge.

Kia Diamond Club Box

The Kia Diamond Club Box is on the 200 level in sections 226 through 229. This section puts you right behind home plate and offers lots of great perks. Fans here enjoy padded seats, a drink rail, and access to the Kia Diamond Club Lounge. These tickets come with a credit toward food and beverage purchases during the game.

Bats Crown Club

The most expensive seats in the house by far are those in the Bats Crown Club. These tickets are more than double the price of the next most expensive option in the Kia Diamond Club Box. Located in sections 1 to 6 right on the field and directly behind home plate, these seats offer an experience that’s truly unparalleled. Tickets include access to an exclusive dining room, in-seat food and beverage service, VIP parking, and access through a private entrance.

Dugout Suites

Dugout Suites, located by the Royals and visiting dugouts, can seat up to 20 guests. If you combine multiple dugout suites, you can increase your party to up to 60 guests. This climate-controlled area includes a wet bar, television, and private restroom.

Hall of Fame Suites

The Hall of Fame Suites are in the left field above the visitor’s bullpen. This space features a climate-controlled interior and private patio. Hall of Fame Suites seat between 40 and 200 fans.

Signature Suites

The Signature Suites are on the Loge level behind sections 312 to 318, overlooking the first base side of the field. These suites seat 16 to 24 guests. Exterior seating is available in private rows on the loge level.

These suites have sliding glass doors so you can opt for an open-air atmosphere on comfortable days. A glass display system and flat screen TVs make these suites the ideal choice for corporate meetings and events. You can host your meeting before the game and feature your company’s branding prominently in the suite itself.

All Star Suites

Located on the Loge Level behind sections 322 to 325, the All Star Suites offer a great view from right field. These suites can accommodate 20 to 45 guests each. Retractable walls allow you to combine suites for parties of up to 120 guests.

George Brett and Frank White Lounges

The George Brett Lounge is on the left side of the loge level, behind sections 303 and 304. The Frank White Lounge, on the opposite side, is behind sections 319 and 320. Each lounge can accommodate groups of 20 to 100. Enjoy drink rails and padded movable chairs along the windows, as well as several tables and chairs inside beside the buffet. Fans in these suites will enjoy a buffet meal before the game.

Triple Crown Suites

The Triple Crown Suites are on the loge level in the coveted area behind home plate. These suites sit above the Kia Diamond Club, so you’ll enjoy a similar view from one level higher. These nine suites feature padded seating along the drink rail as well as ample interior seating in the dining and lounge area.

Kansas City Royals fans can enjoy an unforgettable experience at “The K” no matter where they’re sitting. From the splash zones surrounding the fountains to the exclusive suites, there’s something in this stadium to suit any taste and accommodate every fan’s budget.

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