Twins Tickets Guide – Vegan Options at Target Field

You’ve got your Minnesota Twins tickets in hand, but now you’re thinking about the food you’ll eat at Target Field. Sometimes traditional ballpark fare just won’t work. If you enjoy the vegan lifestyle or simply have dietary restrictions that make the vegan diet safer and more palatable, rejoice, because there are still plenty of delicious foods you can enjoy during your time at the field.

Buy Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack


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If you’re interested in all those fun, traditional baseball foods, you can absolutely still enjoy them as a vegan. You’ll want to skip the hot dogs, of course, but throughout the stadium, you’ll find vendors more than happy to give you popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jack. You might feel a bit iffy about the popcorn, depending on how it’s served or if you can customize it, but everything else is perfectly safe. You can even grab a lemon chill from a passing vendor if you feel parched.

Chow Down on Hot Cuisine

The stadium has dozens of hot food options, which you can eat sitting down at a restaurant or take with you to your seats. Many of these choices are completely vegan, which means that even if your buddies scarf down some burgers, you can still enjoy a great meal yourself. In section 127, for instance, you can head to LeeAnn Chin for some delicious vegetarian stir-fry. There are even veggie kabobs available—the best portable delicacy this side of a hot dog!

There’s also a potato bar in section 101, where you can take your pick of toppings. Throw in some vegetarian tacos from Senior Smoke’s in section 105 if you want something a little more exciting. Although the park’s veggie dogs are not vegan, as they contain egg whites, you can find a delicious veggie burger at a variety of spots, so take a look at options in sections 109 and 305.

Grab It and Go


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Target Field has a whole section devoted to healthy gluten-free foods, many of which are also vegan. The Grab ‘n Go is in section 112, and there are dozens of fantastic, healthy foods from which to choose. You can’t go wrong with whole fruit, which allows you to easily make your own fruit salad or simply grab something to take back to your seat. There are also fresh veggies available for dipping, although you might want to skip the ranch dressing. There are plenty of nibbles too, such as sunflower seeds and nuts.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Although you may have to search these out, PETA gives top marks to the Twins and the stadium for providing vegan treats for the sweet tooth as well. Legend has it that in addition to offering an apple pie that’s “accidentally vegan,” you can also find what’s known as a vegan mousse martini. Where is it? What section? What does it taste like?

Maybe you’ll discover it when you hit up your next ball game. The only other big question is, what are you going to eat?

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