Twins Tickets Guide – Best Food at Target Field

The best thing about having Minnesota Twins tickets is seeing the game, but eating the food is pretty special too. Although the game is always the biggest attention-grabber, you know you love eating while you watch your favorite players take the field. This season, make sure you take full advantage of the surprisingly haute, ultra exotic foodstuffs your favorite stadium has to offer.

The Traditional Fare

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New is good, but classics are a staple for a reason. However, because Target Field is all about kicking it up a notch, you can also find new twists on all your old favorites. For instance, if you’re dying for a burger at the game, you can root for the Twins while enjoying a lamb and goat burger from the AZ Canteen; just head to section 120 and see what Andrew Zimmern cooks up in his kitchen.

Kramarczuk’s is one of the best places for sausage, whether you’re digging some bratwurst or want something piled high with sauerkraut. For this delicacy, you’re spoiled when it comes to choice. You can head to sections 112, 117, and 312, or even to the Sky Box, if you’re lucky.

If you really want the classics, look no further than State Fair Classics. You’ll find everything your purist palate desires, ranging from French fries and corn dogs to pulled pork and fried pickles. There’s even homespun apple pie to satisfy your urge for a sweet.

A Slice of Heaven

If you have spicier tastes or a raging appetite, Italian fare fits the bill. Loads of places in the park offer all kinds of Italian cuisine, but if you really want an experience, head to section 122. There you’ll find Frankie V’s Italian, where the food never stops. In addition to a slice of your favorite pizza, you can also get:

  • Huge calzones
  • Personal pizzas from Papa John’s
  • Panini’s
  • Meatballs made from wild rice and chicken
  • And the Mega Meatball, appropriately named for its mega meatiness

After that, you might need something to cleanse your palate. Walk off your meal by venturing toward section 101, and get yourself a nice, cool gelato.

Tempt Yourself with Tex-Mex

Are you a fan of Juan Berenguer? If so, then you’re probably already aware of Senor Smoke’s, which features an array of amazing Tex-Mex meals. Located at section 105, you’ll get your fill of food you didn’t even know you were craving. Stuff yourself with traditional favorites, such as hard shell and soft shell tacos, or massive burritos that leave you full for hours. You can also try the El Burrito Mercado’s Walk-a-Taco, which features an awesome twist on classic Mexican faire.

A Taste of Everything

13Image via Flickr by calamity_hane

Baseball fans and foodies alike are uniformly praising the food at Hrbek’s Restaurant, which is a sit-down spot at section 114. Since it’s right near home plate, you know every dish is a home run. New, delightful faire ranges from hearty meatloaf sandwiches to spicy fish tacos, along with fresh salads and decadent ice cream sandwiches.

Baseball is an experience, and part of that experience includes chowing down in serious style. What’s your favorite thing to munch on during the game?

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