The Ultimate Twins Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Before snagging your Minnesota Twins tickets for the next game, get the most out of your experience and start thinking about where you want to sit. Different fans have different seating preferences, so decide whether you’d like to sit near home plate, close to a favorite vendor, or if you want a bird’s-eye view of the field.

Target Field is a large, spacious stadium with seats to suit every taste level and price, so you can definitely enjoy watching your beloved team trounce its competitors of the day no matter where you want to sit.

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Dugout Boxes

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What fan doesn’t want to sit near the dugout? Close proximity to all your favorite players is like a dream. You might not get asked for your opinion on particular pitches and plays, but during those rare quiet moments, you might get to listen in on some secret strategy, some triumphant hoorays, or even some angry cursing during particularly bad calls.

At Target Field, the dugout boxes take up sections 1-6 and sections 11-17. From these spots, you have an unlimited view of the dugouts, batting box, and most of the infield. Your chances of catching a foul ball go way up, especially if you’re sitting to the extreme left or right, such as in sections 1-3 or 15-17.

Champions Club

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Are you a true champion? Even though you’re not playing in the game, you can feel like you’re a part of the team. Again, the coaches aren’t likely to ask your opinion, but the views from the Champions Club boxes are incredible. Sandwiched snuggly between the dugout boxes, sections 7-10 are the rare jewels of stadium seating. You’re right behind the dugout, exceptionally close to the field, and get a straight-shot view all the way to the outfield.

Field Boxes

The Field boxes at Target Field are at the extreme left and right, offering unrivaled views of both the infield and the outfield. You enjoy a higher elevation, so although your views are at an angle, they’re still crystal clear. If these sections interest you, look for seating in sections 101-103 (incidentally, you can find some of the best food at the stadium in section 101) and in sections 125-127.

Diamond Boxes

The Diamond boxes are a bit like the dugout boxes and a bit like the field boxes, but better. They’re next-level seating. Situated close to the field boxes, the views are more panoramic, and higher elevation lets you see more of the field. To the right or left, you’ll have encompassing views of the infield and the outfield, but further in you’ll also have home plate and some of the dugout in your line of vision. Check out sections 104-107 and 121-124 to see if Diamond boxes really are a baseball fan’s best friend.

Home Plate Boxes

It’s entirely possible that the Home Plate boxes are some of the best seats in the house. Elevated at a higher tier than the Champions Club boxes, you’ll have less to worry about if someone tall sits in front of you. If you’re dying for the best views, try to get mid-row seating in section 114, which is smack in the middle of the stadium.

Even if that enviable section is full, you’ve got lots of chances for great seats in these boxes. Sections 108-120 all fall within the Home Plate boxes, although 108-109 and 119-120 offer more sharply angled views. You’ll get to see more of the outfield from these seats, but you’ll still have a great view of the pitcher and the batter’s box.

Bleacher Seats

Not quite classified as the nose-bleed section, although that arguably depends on whether you get a low row or a high tier, the bleachers are still an integral part of baseball. Everyone should sit in the bleachers at least once, and they’re ideal if you decide to hit up the latest game at the last-minute. Even at the highest level, you aren’t so high up that you miss the action, and it’s unlikely that you’ll mistake any of the players for ants.

Look for seating in sections 128-131 if you prefer left-field stadium seating; it does offer better views. The right field bleachers, sections 139-140, have less to offer in terms of room and field views. Section 139 is probably your best bet.


If you love a backside view of the field, Pavilion seating is ideal. You can see everything, but the emphasis is on the outfield. This is also one of the top spots for anyone hoping to catch a runaway homer. Sections 132-135 all offer extreme views of the field, although naturally you should look for lower rows if you want to sit nearer to the field.


Overlook seats resemble Pavilion seating, but they’re simply situated closer to the right. You can almost consider these boxes an adjunct to the right-field bleachers, because you’ll get better views of that area from here. Largely identical in the views they offer, you can take your pick of seats in sections 136-137.

Event Suites


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If you’re hosting an event—business, pleasure, spring fever—or simply want a more exclusive experience, the Event Suites are your best choice. There are eight in all, designated as 1-8, and they’re on the right side of the field. With suites 1-5, you get unparalleled views of home plate and parts of the dugout. Suites 6-8 are more geared toward dugout views, but you can see straight into the box from behind.

Legends Club

Are you a legend? Even if you’re not, you can feel like one in the Legends Club section. Here, H is the best section, simply because it’s centralized behind home plate, but at a height that allows you to see the entire field with an unobstructed view. The Legends Club members find their seats in sections A-R, and they all offer outstanding views. You also get a little more exclusivity, so you won’t have to worry so much about anyone in front of you blocking your sight line.

Skyline Deck

If you’re looking for excellent depth perception and a towering view, head to the Skyline Deck, located in sections S-V. They’re actually a bit better than Field Boxes simply because of the height. You might not get a foul ball, but you’ll definitely get to see where they all land. If you’re eager to see the infield, you should also look for the upper rows; back rows don’t have fantastic views, although you can still make out all the action.

Field Terrace

Back up in the numbered seating, head to the Field Terrace. This is outfield corner seating at its finest, whether you prefer a right or left field view. Although the action itself is at a distance, you can see everything and the sight line is marvelously clear. You also have a great view of the scoreboard, so you can keep up with what’s going on below. Check out sections 201-207 on the right and sections 223-228 on the left.

Home Plate Terrace

The only difference between the Home Plate Terrace and the Field Terrace involves the view you get. With home plate seating, your focus is on the infield, center field, and home plate, of course. Although this section takes up areas 208-227, try to grab lower row seating in sections 214-216 for the best shots of home plate.

Home Run Porch Terrace

The Home Run Porch Terrace takes up levels that show you left field and just left of center. You’ll find it in sections 229-236 on a lower level and sections 329-334 at a higher elevation. Your view of the action isn’t detailed in these seats, but it is all-encompassing—you can see every player, but you’ll want to pay attention to the scoreboard as well.

Batter’s Eye

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These two sections, 235 and 236, are to the right of the porch terrace seating. The idea is to give you a direct sight line to the batter. However, you’re extremely high up, so although you won’t see the batter’s sneer or the catcher’s signal, you will have a great shot at catching any high-flying home runs. Those balls will come straight toward you if the hits are clean.


Grandstand seats are large, roomy boxes, again ideal if you’re coming to the game on a lark or at the last-minute. The views lend toward the right outfield, although you’ll get to see some of the infield as well. Look for seating in sections 237-240, and think about bringing your binoculars, just in case!

The 300

On the home plate side of the stadium, the 300 rows are very, very high up, and they’re divided as follows:

  • Field View, sections 301-307—showcasing the outfield on the right
  • Home Plate View, sections 308-322—situated behind and off-center from home plate, high up, with sections 314-316 offering the best views of the box
  • And the Skyline View, sections 323-327—offering views of the left outfield at a high elevation

Regardless of price, preference, or favorite views, you’ll definitely find seating that suits you, for a great price, at From which section do you love watching the Twins?

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