Knicks Tickets Guide – Expert Travel Tips for MSG

If you get Knicks tickets on a regular basis you know that going to Madison Square Garden is unlike most arenas in the country. If you’re an out-of-towner, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of ways to get to “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” Here’s a variety of options that you can choose from…


These are incredibly effective, and most importantly, a much cheaper option than taking a cab or driving in. Sure, the trains can be crowded from time-to-time but it’s a unique experience riding the train with the rest of the fans before and after the game. Taking a train will cost around $2.50 for each station that you have to go through. If you buy a MetroCard and put $10 on it for each traveler you should be alright for the night, and may even have a little extra left over.

If you are coming in from New Jersey, it is a very simple $2.50 trip from across the river. The NY/NJ PATH train is one of the most reliable public transportation systems in the United States. The PATH takes you a block away from The Garden and is a short walk to the arena.

The Long Island Railroad is another great option for those traveling east to west into Manhattan. When you arrive at Penn Station there are small stands where you can have a 16 or 24 oz. beer for $4-5 before heading into the arena. Signs are marked carefully through the station so that you wind up right in front of MSG; Penn Station is located directly underneath the arena.


New York has more taxis than any other city in the United States. They are convenient in that they’ll take you right up to the front door, but the traffic in Manhattan is always unpredictable. Depending on where you’re taking the cab from in New York, it can probably cost you anywhere from $7-30. The new taxis in New York are also state-of-the-art and you can keep up on your news while in there.


The Garden doesn’t own, operate or have any affiliation to a parking service so you’re on your own with many of the garages in the area. Most of these nearby garages will cost you anywhere from $35-70 to park there for the entirety of the game, and of course even more if you’re going out afterwards.

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