Spurs Tickets Guide – Expert Parking and Transportation Tips at AT&T Center

If you have Spurs tickets to a game at the AT&T Center, you’ll need a way to get there. Deep in the heart of Texas isn’t exactly the public transportation capital of the world like New York City, but the options still remain. With options like driving there, taxis and public transportation, you’ll be all set to see the Spurs in action.  Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about getting to the game.


Parking at the AT&T Center is fairly simple. General parking consists of six lots (Lot 5 closed) and the pricing is reasonable; Lots 2 and 3 are the ones closest to the arena and it costs $20 to park there. Lots 1 and 4 aren’t directly in front of the arena but they’re not too far either; those will cost $15. Lots 6 and 7 will make sure you get your cardio workout for the day but offer the cheapest of the lot options at $10. It’s not uncommon to pay more for convenient parking at arenas.

Fans with disabilities can park in Lots 1-4.

There are other options for parking as well. Be on the lookout close to the arena for $5 or $10 deals at a side lot. To west of the AT&T Center, there is a neighborhood where you can park for free. It’s obviously not sanctioned parking by the Spurs or the arena, but if you’re feeling lucky and looking to save $20, that option is available.


After a Spurs game you can never be too sure of how the traffic is going to be. According to many fans I’ve spoken to, they are never too sure if it is going to be a smooth flowing exit out of the arena or if it’ll be a parade route back home. However, one thing is for certain; getting out of the AT&T Center after the Spurs games is made easier since there are multiple exits as opposed to other arenas where they only have one. At the very least, there are some options instead of waiting on one line. Two of those main options are:

  • Leaving on East Houston St. is your best route to exit if you’re going to Interstate 10/Frontage Road.
  • Leaving on AT&T Center Parkway is your best bet to get out on to Route 35/North Pan Am Expressway.

Public Transportation: VIA Park & Ride

Fans can use VIA’s Park and Ride service to the Spurs game to avoid sitting in traffic before and after the game.

The following locations:

  • Randolph Boulevard
  • Crossroads Mall
  • Frank L. Madla Transit Center
  • Ellis Alley Transit Center


Taxis are available after the events and you can be picked up outside the West Entrance, right near the Freeman Coliseum.

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