Bulls Tickets Guide – Best Beers at the United Center

You thought that all of your bases were covered. You bought (and saved on) Bulls tickets, figured out transportation, got to the United Center early, and even researched what to eat. There is 20 minutes before tipoff, but something is missing. That’s right, no game is complete without a cold, frothy brew. But which one? Whether it’s before the game, during halftime, or down the stretch, you want to enjoy the experience to the max. Lucky for you, beer options at the United Center are plentiful.

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale – Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery makes fabulous beer. Their signature brew, the 312 Urban Wheat, is a hazy, unfiltered refreshing brew with a slightly spicy aroma and a fruitful, smooth body. A classic wheat beer with a lemony acidic sweetness, it is perfect to enjoy casually at a game.

Brooklyn IPA – With a white head and amber color, the Brooklyn IPA begs customers to give it a try. It is a balanced IPA with spicy hops and has a hint of tartness. A grapefruit scent in noticeable and helps provide great contrast.. It is a well balanced brew and not quite as biter as some IPA’s. It is a little earthy and a touch dry. A true treat for a ballgame.

Corona Extra – The top selling beer of Mexico is kind of a strange combination for the cold winters of Chicago. It is a refreshing and light beer that really needs a lime to be enjoyed to its fullest. Corona has a faint fruity flavor to it, but generally is something you can drink and enjoy as a light alternative to mass produced American beers.

Shock Top Belgian White – An Anheuser-Busch product, Shock Top Belgian White is strong on orange, lemon and lime flavors with a hint of coriander mixed in. Unfiltered and easy-to-drink, it is a little bit sweet. Not nearly as complex as some witbiers, it compares to Blue Moon. Belgian White is pleasant enough to quench your thirst and has a taste that is unique among mass produced beers.

Stella Artois – With a strong fan base around the globe, Stella is a full bodied pilsner. The Belgian brew compares well to Heineken. It features a slight bitterness mixed with sweet, grainy malt, and mild corn flavors. At 5.2% ABV, Stella packs a punch with good flavor. It is a great beer to start off your night.

You can also get the normal staples at the United Center, Bud and Bud Light, but the facility provides enough alternatives to make a wide variety of fans with differing tastes satisfied.

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