Spurs Tickets Guide – Healthy Eating Alternatives at AT&T Center

If you have San Antonio Spurs tickets you’ll be happy to know that there are healthy food options before you head into the game. We all know that Texas is known for its glorified BBQ menu but there’s not many options, if any, at the AT&T Center for the healthy eaters. Let’s take a look at where you can stop before the game…

Green Vegetarian Cuisine@greenvegetarian – 4 miles from arena


This vegetarian and kosher restaurant was named “Best place to Get a Healthy Meal” in 2014 by New 4 San Antonio. If you are looking for the healthy alternative to Texas BBQ this is absolutely the place, as they will customize the meal to your liking with non-dairy and gluten-free items.

The have a sizeable breakfast menu if you decide to go there earlier in the day; the sweet potato pancakes and Avacado Eggs Benedict are the big hits on the morning menu. For lunch/dinner you can feast on tacos; some options to fill them are: eggs, tofu, chorizo, beans and cheese. A big favorite with the regulars is the Raw Deal Wrap- a collard wrap with mushrooms, cranberries, spinach, cashew cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli and sprouts. Not sure how they fit all of that in there, but their customers love it. The Mediterranean Bowl, another crowd favorite, includes quinoa tabouli, baba ganoosh, tzatziki, black olives, falafel patties, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, dolmas and cashew cheese.

Tong’s Thai – 4 miles from arena

This is a unique combination of Thai and Chinese food. Tong’s is famous for their Spring Rolls and award-winning seafood dishes such as Haw-Mok, which is seafood in a spicy red curry sauce and also has squid, shrimp, mussels, scallops and fish fillet with assorted herbs and vegetables. They were also the first restaurant/bar to introduce the famous “Bubble Tea” drinks.

Azro Moroccan & Mediterranean Bistro – 15 miles from arena

You can tell in the name what kind of food you’re getting but make sure you give them a visit. The owner, Khalid Said, was heavily influenced by the French cuisine and cooking techniques and put that type of spin on his dishes. Traditional Moroccan dishes like Harira and Tagines (vegetarian or chicken) are on the menu, as well as Middle Eastern favorites Kofta and Shawarma are popular dishes at the restaurant. Favorites like Lemon Chicken and Seafood Bastilla are favorites with the Mediterranean crowd.

Vegeria Vegan Restaurant – 10 miles from arena

They are a 100% Vegan and Gluten-Free restaurant, meaning there are no sort of animal products on the menu. When you’re there try the Vegan Nachos piled high with vegan queso, vegan taco filling, pico de gallo, guacamole and drizzled with their homemade Avocada Ranch dressing. If you’re feeling brave try the Super Human Nachos topped with refried beans, quinoa, brown poblano rice, hemp hearts, pepper jack cheese and veggie kraut. Entrees include a Sun Dried Tomato and Sweet Potato Enchilada topped with cashew cream, Organic Homemade Tamales and array of salads, tacos and vegan burgers.

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