Clippers Tickets Guide – Best Beers at Staples Center

With the average beer at the Staples Center costing around $7.50, it’s important for anyone with Clippers tickets to know where to get the best brew. No one wants to waste good money on bad beer after all. You’ll find cheaper ales if you’re prepared to settle for mass-produced lagers, but it’s worth spending a little more money to try one of these premium craft beers that are anything but average.

West Coast IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company


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It sounds like the perfect Californian choice, but the West Coast IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company has got more than a parochial name on its side. It’s a hoppy beer, but it’s got a rich citrus zing that balances the bitterness beautifully. An overall score of 99 out of 100 on points to its quality. There’s a reason why this IPA is one of the San Diego craft brewery’s most popular drops. It also pairs perfectly with rich, fatty basketball food.

Point the Way IPA by Golden Road Brewing Company

The Point the Way is another amazing example of the quality IPAs South California’s capable of producing. Basketball fans can drink it happily knowing that they’re supporting a local company. Its brewery is on West San Fernando Road, a mere stone’s throw from the Staples Center. Its IPA is also heavy on the hops, but the notes of orange and grapefruit ensures it doesn’t overpower. Its relatively low 5.9 percent alcohol is ideal for Clippers’ fans driving their mates to the big game.

Honkers Ale by Goose Island


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If the big bitter hops of the West Coast and Point the Way IPAs singed your palette, you might prefer the more mellow taste of Honkers Ale from Goose Island. It has a cute name, but this English-style beer from Chicago is no pushover. It balances fruity hops with rich malt undertones for easy drinking. It’s also an ideal match for burgers and fries, which is just what you want in a basketball game beer. It’s also even lower on the alcohol than the Point the Way, with just 4.3 percent. Take note designated drivers!

Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale by Firestone Walker Brewing Company

In the tradition of the finest British pale ales comes the Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale or DBA to folks in the know. Its mild blend of vanilla and toasted oak flavors, touched with a hint of hops, can take some getting used to. However, the Beer Snobs insist it’s one of the best beers you’ll find at the Staples Center. It’s also the flagship brew of the Paso Robles-based Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

Anchor Brewing Beers

It doesn’t matter which beer you choose from this San Francisco craft brewery. The Staples Center introduces different varieties to its taps from time to time, but they’re always reliable. The brewery itself has earned a reputation, which extends beyond the Golden State, so their brews are great options for anyone nervous about leaving the familiar national labels behind. If you’re not sure which to pick, you can’t go wrong with the dark rich porter or the label’s flagship Anchor Steam beer.

Ensure you enjoy the best beer with your basketball with these top stadium brews.

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