Clippers Tickets Guide – Vegan Options at Staples Center

With an estimated one million Americans following a vegan diet, it’s obvious that some of them hold Clippers tickets. If you’re one of them, you certainly won’t starve at the Staples Center. PETA named this American basketball stadium the NBA’s most vegetarian-friendly arena in 2013, so it’s unsurprising that it has plenty of options for vegans and anyone who enjoys eating a plant-based diet.

Outtakes Quick Cuisine Offers a Range of Vegan Cuisine


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Outtakes Quick Cuisine is one of the best options for vegan basketball fans because it offers a massive range of plant-based meals and snacks. If you’re feeling hungry it’s hard to go past one of their garden salads, grilled veggie sandwiches, cucumber plate sushi, or spinach wraps. If it’s a halftime snack you require, then check out their lighter options including hummus and pita plates and olive or sweet potato tortilla chips.

You’ll find these vegan dishes and more at Outtakes Quick Cuisine on the main concourse next to section 104.

Sloppy Joes Go Vegan at Staples Centre

Sloppy Joes are a favorite game day treat, but the meaty version will make any vegan turn up their nose. They can still indulge at the Staples Centre though, as concession stands offer a unique vegan version. It’s made from soy-based tempeh flavored with delicious lashings of peppers, onions, and a brown sugar barbeque sauce.

California Pizza Kitchen Happy to Please

California Pizza Kitchen, located next to section 109 on the main concourse, doesn’t have a stack of vegan options. However, they have enough to keep vegans happy when they’re dining with a group of friends who all have diverse tastes.

The hummus and pita plate is strictly vegetarian, or you could choose peanuts or popcorn without the butter if you’re just a little peckish. The obliging employees are also happy to make any of their veggie pizzas without cheese.

Spotlight Grill and Skyline Grill Cater for Vegans in Premium Seats

The Spotlight Grill and its sister eatery Skyline Grill cater for vegans in the premier seats and private suites. The veggie burger is a great vegan twist on the American staple. The uncrustable PBJ is on the healthy kids taste club menu, but this classic sandwich is another great vegan choice for the young at heart.

Choose the plain French fries instead of the chili cheese or garlic parmesan varieties, or opt for a healthy apple side. You’ll find these twin eateries on Suite Level A, next to sections PR4 and PR12.

Gourmet Salads in the Club Seats

The salads are also something special if you’re sitting in the club seats. These sections of the arena offer some delicious gourmet options for vegan diners and anyone wanting an alternative to greasy fried food. The mouth-watering dishes include a couscous salad with peppers, zucchini, and onion dressed with a fig vinaigrette; a butternut squash, shallot, spinach, and toasted pecans salad tossed with a walnut vinaigrette; and a green bean, dried fig, almond, and shallot salad served with a red-wine vinaigrette. With such tasty, fresh salads available, don’t be surprised if your carnivore friends are converted.

With a growing awareness of vegan diets and the benefits of forgoing meat, the Staples Center serves up many vegan options for LA Clippers fans.  Don’t forget to get guaranteed savings on tickets at ScoreBig!

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