The Ultimate Clippers Tickets Buyer’s Guide

When you have Clippers tickets you get to experience one of the most exciting basketball teams in the league and you get to experience the game at the Staples Center. The center has long been considered one of the most popular and well-known basketball stadiums in the country. It calls itself “the sports and entertainment center of the world.” They’ve even held 12 of the last 13 Grammy award ceremonies. Such an overwhelming space can become confusing, so check out this guide to help you navigate through the arena.

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The Stadium


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It’s good to make yourself aware of stadium rules and policies before entering, especially if you have any special preferences or needs. Once you arrive, you’ll have to go through a metal detector and inspection. They don’t allow you to bring inside bottles, cans, or coolers of any kind. Don’t bring bags with a diameter of over 14 inches, and don’t show up drunk, because they might not let you in.

Staples Center has far too many policies to list here, but they’ve listed out everything in a convenient and organized way on their website. Learn about the rules of alcohol, accessibility, children/infants, binoculars, disturbances, emergencies, dietary needs, re-entry, prohibited items, capacity, and much, much more.


Clippers tickets do a good job of explicitly telling you where you’ll sit. First, check your section, a three-digit number starting with either 1, 2 or 3. This determines the level you sit at, so 100 numbers seat you on the floor, 200 numbers sear in the middle tier, and 300 numbers on the upper concourse. The next two digits specify the exact section you’ll sit in on that level.

Next, look at your row number. The lower the number, the further down you’ll find the row. For example, row 1 would put you in the lowest row of the section you’re in. Next, check your seat number, which tells you what seat to find in the row. You can also see the price of your seat printed on the ticket.

300 Level Seats


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The Staples Center only has three tiers, but they have four areas in terms of labeling and pricing. The 300 level is the highest up of the tiers, and due to this it has the cheapest tickets available. For the best views of the court from this level, shoot for tickets in sections 315 through 321, 301 through 304, or 332 through 334.

Since the stadium only has three levels, you can see all the action on the court no matter where you sit. If you can’t believe it, check out this 3D seat viewer that puts you right in the middle of the 300 level. This makes the 300 level appealing when combined with the fantastic prices. You can take the family to the game without breaking the bank. Of course, the closer to the middle you get, the more expensive the tickets become. Even so, the price range remains small.

If you’re wondering what concessions you can find on this level, the Staples Center has a clever stand called STAPLES Staples, serving all the staple foods of a stadium. You can also find Wetzel’s Pretzels, Camacho’s Cantina, a cocktail bar, McDonald’s, Smokehouse BBQ, and a Coca Cola food stand.

200 Mid-Level Seats


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The 200 level has two different areas. In the middle parts, you find premier seating, and in the corners you’ll find regular mid-level seating. The differences consist of pricing, view of the game, and amenities. You will notice some overlap in pricing between regular mid-level seats and premier seats, but for the most part, premier seats will cost you more.

The 200 level seats give you a fantastic view. At this point, you can really see everything that happens on the court, as long as the basket isn’t in the way. However, having a seat low enough that the basket CAN get in the way shows you just how close to the action you can get.

Most regular mid-level seats will put you somewhere behind one of the baskets, though sections 214, 219, 205, and 210 offer the best views with little chance of the basket blocking anything. All sections have been built so that no seat puts anybody directly behind the basket.

You won’t find any concessions here unless you have premier seating, so you’ll have to go to the main or upper concourse to find something substantial to eat. You can also find beer and other alcoholic beverages, but beware they stop serving once the fourth quarter begins.

200 Premier Seats

The 200 level premier seating offers one of the best choices in the entire stadium. Staples Center offers premier tickets for each game, but they also offer a premier seat program. If you choose to join the premier seat program, you’ll get notices for any special event at the center as well as first dibs on tickets. For example, as the season ends, you can guarantee yourself a spot for next season before the public. You’ll also have full access to the San Manuel Club, a full service restaurant and bar the overlooks the arena floor.

If you buy four premier seat tickets (such as if you take your family or a group of friends), you receive a preferred parking pass. If you don’t buy that many, you still have the option of purchasing a preferred parking pass thanks to your premier ticket. You’ll also have the privilege that no other ticket holders have of in seat service during the game. Order food and beverages from your seat without ever having to get up.

As a Premier member, you will also have access to two VIP entrances so you can avoid the lines to get in. Go in from the Star Plaza on the north side of the stadium or the Southwest entrance on the south side.

100 Level Seats

You can’t get any closer to the game than this. These seats belong to the true lovers of basketball. You don’t even need any suite tickets to feel special because you get thrown right in the middle of the action. You could even find yourself close enough to high-five a player as they head back to the locker room. As you can expect seats on this tier reach the highest level of pricing for available tickets.

Sections 106, 107, 115, and 116 put you behind the baskets so you can try to alter the outcome of free throws. Sections 101, 102, and 119 all consist of only one row each, and all sit directly behind visitors team bench, scorers’ table, and home team bench. Sections 110, 111, and 112 put you one row behind the courtside seats opposite the team benches.

Courtside seats provide the best seats in the house, putting you inches away from the action, right on the floor with the players. At the Staples Center, celebrities often fill these seats. If you sit here, you can find yourself sitting among many cultural icons and elites.

When you get hungry in the 100 level, you don’t have to worry because you can find food all over. STAPLES Staples has three different locations on this level. You’ll find Wetzel’s Pretzels, Outtakes Quick Cuisine, Budweiser Pub Whistestop, California Pizza Kitchen, CPK Bar, McDonald’s, Beyond the Whistle Stop, Camacho’s Cantina, and Ludo Bird as excellent food options. You can also find Figueroa Bar, Black Crown Lounge, and Tap House for drinks.

Private Suites

The Private Suites at Staples Center offer arguably the finest of all sports stadium suites in the country. They’re designed to offer the best of first-class amenities, outstanding personal service, and an exclusive environment for anybody enjoying an event. These suites offer an ideal setting for entertaining potential investors and clients, throwing parties or simply enjoying an evening out with family and friends. The center has located suites on all levels of the stadium, and each one can accommodate between 8 and 18 people.

If you buy a suite, you’ll get at least two preferred parking passes and access to VIP entrances. Expect a delicious selection of meals prepared by Levy Restaurants. Just like a premier membership, a suite purchase gives you access to the San Manuel Club located on Level A (100/main level).

With your suite also comes a personal private suite service representative. You can allow this person to handle all special details for you, including arranging for extra tickets, accommodating special diets, making special orders, or anything else you might need. Their sole job consists of making sure you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can even find a Xerox business center in the suites to aid you if you need to do any business work during the game.

Anybody who signs up for private suites or a premier membership also receives access to a convenient online account manager. The manager allows you to e-mail tickets to anybody up to two hours before the event starts. You can buy extra tickets for your suite and immediately forward them to the intended recipients.

People of all backgrounds can find the seat right for them at the Staples Center. With ticket prices ranging from two to four digits, you have a plethora of options. If you still feel like you don’t know enough about each seat’s perspective, you can check out fans’ photos from their seats all over the stadium. This should give you a perfect example of the views you’ll get from any seat. No matter where a Clippers fan sits, they’ll find themselves having a blast during games at Staples Center.

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