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Athletics Tickets Guide – Vegan Options At O.Co Coliseum

Athletics Tickets Guide – Where To Find Vegan Food Inside And Near The Stadium

If you’re a vegan baseball fan with Oakland Athletics Tickets in your pocket, then you’re in luck! There are a number of dairy-free, meat-free dining options in and around Coliseum to satisfy all of your game day cravings. Here are just a handful of food options for Oakland Athletics fans with vegan appetites.

General Concessions 


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For great vegan grub without even leaving the stadium, Coliseum has tons of vegan options in its general concession stands. Section 123 serves veggie burgers and vegetarian hotdogs as well as salads with vegan dressings.

The ballpark also has a fresh fruit and vegetable stand in section 121 of the ballpark that serves organic vegetable platters and fruit cups. If sliced fruit isn’t your thing, section 121 also serves whole fruit, like bananas and apples.

Stadium Clubs and Suites 

There are stadium clubs and suites in the ballpark that also offer plenty of vegan options for even the pickiest eaters. Many of the suites offer vegan delights like grilled portabella sliders and gluten-free veggie pizza.

If you don’t have access to the suites, all the stadium clubs are open to the public and offer a variety of vegan options as well. From roasted vegetable tortellini salads to black bean burgers and hummus dips that are a great alternative to nachos, the clubs and suites in Coliseum have your vegan requests covered.

Souley Vegan 

Just a short drive from the stadium is a vegan restaurant with a southern soul food twist. The vegan hotspot known as Souley Vegan offers baseball fans all the southern classics like tofu meatless meatloaf, vegan macaroni and cheese, and BBQ tofu.

For vegans who lean toward the lighter side of things, Souley Vegan also serves leafy green salads with vegan dressings. The restaurant has on-the-go dishes too, like southern fried tofu sandwiches and portabella mushroom burgers for when you’re running late to the game.

The No Bakery 

When you’re looking to stock up on vegan snacks before you get to the field, The No Bakery has a variety of handmade, prepackaged vegan baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you’re in the mood for vegan brownies or cookies, The No Bakery has it all.

From ginger spice cookies to peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, The No Bakery specializes in sweet treats that contain no eggs, no dairy, no refined sugar, no hydrogenated oils, and no trans fats. Can you guess where they got their name?

Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen 

For the ultimate in vegan dining options within an earshot of Coliseum is Two Mammas’ Vegan Kitchen, a restaurant dedicated to fresh, locally sourced foods and organic ingredients. Two Mammas’ has a fixed menu as well as an ever-changing weekly menu, so you’ll never get tired of the vegan food options.

Whether you’re hungry for a vegan calzone with tofu ricotta or vegan enchiladas, Two Mammas’ has just about everything. The restaurant also offers salads with vegan dressings and gluten-free desserts.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean you have to go hungry at the ballpark. When the excitement of the Oakland Athletics game gets your stomach growling, try some of the vegan options above. You’re sure to find something you like at

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