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The Ultimate Texas Rangers Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Rangers Tickets Guide – Everything You Need To Know To Choose The Best Seats

When you plan a trip to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, you want to select the Texas Rangers tickets for you and your party. You’ll want to consider the cost of the seats, especially if you’re planning to buy season tickets. But you’ll also want to weigh in some other factors, such as distance from the field and location of food and drink vendors. This Rangers’ seating map guide will help you determine what seats are best for you.

Lexus Club Level


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The best seats at Rangers Ballpark are the Lexus Club Seats on the Lexus Club Level. They consist of sections 217 through 235, which you can find on the interactive seating chart that allows you to see exactly where your seat is, what part of the field you’ll be facing, and how much the tickets cost.

Seats in the Lexus Club are 22 inches wider than the rest of the seats in the ball park and provide more leg room. Tickets include individual wait service and access to both Upper and Lower Suite Levels. The Lexus Club Level is located around the entire length of the seating bowl, and provides VIP seating, white paneling, and black and white tiled floors. Smoking is not permitted on the Lexus Club Level.

The Lexus Club Level offers in-seat service for all of your food and beverage needs. You can order from a limited menu which includes ballpark favorites, specialty menu items, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and sodas. If you wish to encounter the classic ballpark experience, order a hot dog, hamburger, and ice cream. For a more unique experience, try chicken quesadillas or beef soft tacos. Your kids will be able to choose from their own special menu. Cash and credit cards are processed right at your seat so you won’t have to miss a moment of the game.

Ticket prices for Lexus Club Level are $3,903 for Lexus Club Box seats and $4,470 for Lexus Club Infield seats for a full season. You can search different vendors for per-game. The more-exclusive infield seats are located in the center of the Lexus Club Box section, and provide the best views of the field. Lexus Club Box seats are located on the left and right outer rims of the section and provide great views of left and right field, respectively.

Lower Box Level

Lower Box Level seats are separated into three different parts of the field. Lower Boxes down the left field foul line are located in sections 14 through 17. Lower Boxes down the right field foul line are located in sections 35 through 38. The best Lower Box Level seats are in sections 115 through 136, above the main level. Seating here centers on the infield. Season tickets for Lower Box Level seats are $3,746.

Lower Box Level offers a variety of vendors throughout the three sections. If you’re seated down the left field foul line, you’ll be able to check out Broomstick in section 16. This vendor has some great out-of-the-ordinary picks, including 24” hot dogs with chili, cheese, grilled onions, and jalapenos. Bud, Miller, and other classic beer choices can be found at Backyard Beer in section 17. Ballpark Favorites, located in section 15, serves classic game food, including hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, sodas, and nachos.

If you’re sitting down the right field foul line, you can easily try Spanish Cream Corn in section 36. For other vendors, you can trek to section 33 for Ballpark Favorites and section 39 for Beers of the World. Section 40 features Coney Island, a hot dog vendor serving foot-long chili dogs and Chicago dogs, nachos, peanuts, and sodas.

For Lower Box Level seats above the main level, you can try some outrageous Texas finds at Texas Sized 24 in section 127, which features an absurdly sized Boomstick, Sausage Slugger, Murph-a-Dilla, Beltre Buster, and Most Valuable Pretzel. Beers of Belgium is in section 115 and offers imported beers. Casa de Fuego offers a variety of south-of-the-border favorites in section 125. You can also feed your sweet tooth at Stadium Sweets Ice Cream in sections 123 and 136.

AYCE Porch

If you love to eat at the ball game then this is the section for you. The All You Can Eat Porch, located in sections 246 through 252, provides you with all you can eat hot dogs, nachos, sodas, peanuts, popcorn, and grilled chicken sandwiches. You can begin eating as soon as the gates open, all the way to the end of the seventh inning.

Your food is served in the air-conditioned grill located behind the Upper Home Run Porch. Seating is provided on the Porch, including tables and chairs surrounding the glass overlooking the field. There are three bar areas and over 100 televisions, including several big screens, which plays sports programming throughout the game. You can purchase individual tickets for $51 each or a season ticket for $2,774.

Corner Box

Corner Box seats are spread along the outfield corners of Rangers Ballpark. They’re located in sections 10 through 13 and 112 through 114 along left field, and sections 39 through 42 and 137 through 139 along right field. You can purchase season tickets for $2,693.

Corner Box seats provide decent views of the field, but your viewing perspective could be distorted because the seats are far from home plate and located on the ground level. You are better off choosing seats in the 100 level sections rather than the front row seats next to the field because the angle is better. However, field level seats near the front give you a better chance of catching a foul ball.

Vendors for Corner Box seats are spread throughout each section, and include the same ones you’ll find near Lower Level seats. Try Ballpark Favorites in section 15 for just that: hot dogs, burgers, nachos, and other favorite foods to eat at the ball game. Coney Island in section 40 offers great hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, sodas, and beer. Sections 112 and 136 offer Stadium Sweets Ice Cream vendors. You’ll find The Sausage Slugger in section 42, offering Polish sausage with grilled onions and kraut.

Lower Reserved

Lower Reserved seats are located in left and right field on the first level of Rangers Ballpark. Left field seats are located in sections three through nine. Right field seats are located in sections 44 through 49. All Lower Reserved seats are located next to the outfield walls. They are in the best parts of the ball park for catching a home run.

The seats are partially covered, making them more comfortable to sit in than the bleacher seats next to them. Lower Level vendors provide food and drink for this area of seating. Some of the closer ones are Backyard Beer and Boomstick in section 44, Ballpark Favorites in sections three and nine, and Gourmet Burgers in section 49.

Outfield Plaza

If you want a seat close to center field, you’ve picked the right section. Outfield Plaza is as close to center field as you can get, and provides the best area for chasing down home run balls that land in center field. Located in sections 52 through 54, Outfield Plaza provides great views of the entire field. You’ll also have the chance to sit near the visitor’s bullpen, especially in section 54. Lower Level vendors can be accessed from Outfield Plaza seats.

Lexus Club Terrace

Lexus Club Terrace seats are located in all sections on the 200 level and in the outfield. Sections 201 through 216 are located along the left field line and sections 236 through 245 are located along the right field line. All of the sections provide access to the Lexus Club and all club level amenities. Season tickets are $1,716.

Upper Box

Located in sections 316 through 335, Upper Box seats are valuable at $1,387 for the season. They are located in the center of the most upward seating in the stadium and provide a view of the field from directly in the center.

Upper Reserved

This is the largest area of seating in Rangers Ballpark, compiling sections 301 through 338. Most of the seats cover the back portions of the section. The seats provide decent sight lines and a reasonable viewing angle. At $982 for the season, these are the most valuable Texas Rangers tickets.

Grandstand Reserved

If you’re looking for the least expensive season tickets you can purchase, Grandstand Reserved seats are for you. At $739 for the season, these seats are located in sections 339 through 345 on the highest seating level of the ballpark.

Now that you have this overview of the seating in Rangers Ballpark, you can choose the best seats for you and your party. Be sure to take cost, amenities, and view into account before you make your selection. Check the type of foods the vendors near the sections carry, or select from the various in-seat service seats. Refer to the seating chart and section details, and pick your seat. Enjoy the game!

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