Why You Were Smart to Skip Coachella 2014


Outkast reunited (and with André 3000 facing the audience for weekend two), Pharrell with Jay Z, Arcade Fire on stage with Debbie Harry, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day joining the Replacements – all that plus a giant ferris wheel. Right now, you might be kicking yourself for not splurging on Coachella Tickets.

Stop! The bottom line is that if you want to see more of the bands at Coachella more often, your money is better spent elsewhere.

Let’s look at the numbers: over 90,000 people go out to Indio, CA each day for the festival. After spending $375 each on weekend tickets, they can expect to pay at least that if not double on lodging: $500-a-night hotel rooms or $85-a-person camping fees. That’s not even factoring in parking, transportation to and from the festival and food/drinks. But lest you think festival organizers don’t care about value, attendees can still buy bottled water for just $2, the same price as 1999.

It’s not cheap for fans, but it’s profitable for organizers. In 2012, the festival brought in $47 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. In 2013, that number went up to $67 million, with increased profits projected for 2014.

Coachella has 166 acts, but most ticket-holders can only name a handful. Festival experience aside, if you’re there just to see the headliners you’re making a real rookie mistake.

To put this all in context, at ScoreBig we’ve created the Arcade Fire Index. We pulled all the data on ticket prices for Arcade Fire this summer. We looked at all the summer shows in the Reflektor Tour as well as appearances at big-name festivals like The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Norwegian Wood, Southside and Pink Pop.

Even for a festival, Coachella is by far the most expensive Arcade Fire experience of the summer. Consider this – the average Arcade Fire ticket is just $43 this summer. That means you could get tickets for 8.7 Reklector Tour concerts for the cost of just one weekend at Coachella. And if you can’t get enough of the summer festival experience, the average Arcade Fire festival appearance costs $189.00…so you could go to two festivals for the cost of one Coachella ticket. And at those festivals you could see The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Nine Inch Nails, The National, Metallica, and other major headliners.

The math gets worse when you break it down minute-to-minute. It costs $4 a minute to hear Arcade Fire at Coachella whereas its just 47 CENTS a minute anywhere beside Coachella.

So, if you’re sitting at home kicking yourself for missing out on 105-degree days in the desert with Leonardo DiCaprio dancing like your grandfather, go ahead and name a ticket price for Arcade Fire tickets and take some solace in the fact that you’ll probably be paying about $325 less than your friends were.

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By Lily J. Kosner for the ScoreBig Blog

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