The Best Seats for Astros Fans at Minute Maid Park

The Ultimate Astros Tickets Buyer’s Guide

When you get Houston Astros tickets for home games, you might as well find the best possible seat for your budget. Minute Maid Park is one of those well-designed ball fields where guests usually find good places to sit. Still, some areas are better than others. Use this seating guide to find a seat that gives you a great view of the game, and perhaps some extra amenities, at a price you can afford.

The Executive Suites

The Executive Suites at Minute Maid Park give guests all the comforts of home while immersing them in the excitement of baseball. Individuals can use the executive suites for personal entertainment by inviting friends or family members. Many businesses also use the suites to entertain partners and out-of-town guests.

The Executive Suites vary in size, so there are different options to match the needs of guests. Some suites only have enough seating for six guests. Others can accommodate up to 25.

From the suites, guests get a great view of the entire field. They aren’t sitting right behind home plate, so they can’t hear the umpire or batter, but they do get to see the entire game without missing a moment of action. Many people choose these suites because they don’t want to get too close to the game. Sitting behind home plate, after all, can make it difficult to see what the outfielders are doing.

From the Executive Suites, guests always have a good view of every play. The suites also come with amenities that make them even more enjoyable. Some popular amenities include:

  • Theater-style seating
  • VIP parking passes
  • Access to the Club Level
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Wireless Internet access
  • A stereo system
  • In-suite phones
  • First class catering
  • Service from an experienced wait staff

When you’re ready for a first-class experience from Minute Maid Park, try to secure access to one of the Executive Suites. The space is perfect for special occasions.

The Diamond Club

The Executive Suites are amazing, but they don’t come close to the Diamond Club. The Diamond Club at Minute Maid Field offers practically anything guests could want at a baseball game.

Guests at the Diamond Club get front row seats to the game. No one has a closer seat to the batter than these. Anyone sitting outside in these seats will experience every nuance of the game: the crack of the bat, the ball slapping into a leather glove, the dust from home plate. It’s the kind of experience few people ever get.

The Diamond Club also has excellent accommodations inside. The interior area of the club features a 30-foot projector that documents every move in the game. If it’s hot outside, guests can catch all of the action right there on the Diamond Club’s new screen.

When it comes to the Diamond Club, though, it’s usually the extra services that amaze guests. The Diamond Club has:

  • A pizza oven that churns out gourmet meals
  • Other gourmet food and snack options
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Access to a full bar
  • A well-trained wait staff that can meet every need

Keep in mind that chef Bryan Caswell, a celebrity chef who appears on the Food Network, worked closely with executive chef Tori Bergersen to make the Diamond Club one of Houston’s premium destinations for great food and entertainment.

Coke Corner

Center field isn’t usually where people choose to sit when they go to baseball games. It’s too far from the infield, where most of the action happens. Sitting in center field makes it more likely that you could catch a homerun ball, but not even that tempts many people into taking the seats.

Minute Maid Park found a way to turn that area into premium seating. Coke Corner, located in deep center field, actually offers fans a good way to watch a Houston Astros game while enjoying premium service.

The section is ideal for groups of 25 to 50 people. Any group that wants to occupy a large area of the park should consider Coke Corner. Don’t wait too long though, because the seats sell out quickly.

So many people want to sit in center field because Minute Maid Park’s managers were smart enough to include:

  • A private deck for the section
  • A Coke Stage Telescope that makes it easier to watch the game
  • First-class catering and beverages so fans never have to wander around the park looking for refreshments

Put those things together, and you have Minute Maid Park’s party central: a place where friends can have a blast watching the game together. Unlike having people over to watch the game at your house, you don’t have to clean up any messes after everyone goes home.

The Insperity Club

Baseball fans who simply must sit behind home plate should consider the Insperity Club, one of the newest luxury clubs at Minute Maid Field. This club section sits directly behind home plate in an area that once housed cameras and sports journalists during games.

With the press box in a new location, true baseball fanatics can now enjoy the spectacular view from the Insperity Club. Like many of other luxury clubs and suites at Minute Maid Field, a ticket to the Insperity Club gets you plenty of extra amenities, including:

  • An all-inclusive menu of gourmet foods
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks
  • A private cash bar for those who like to enjoy a drink during games
  • Theater-style seats that will make extra innings even more enjoyable

This section also offers plenty of room for guests to socialize. It’s a great place to meet other members of the community, make a new business contact, or simply share your thoughts on the game with other fans. If you want to socialize while watching the game at Minute Maid Field, this is an excellent option.

Most Affordable Sections for Astros Fans

Not everyone can afford to buy tickets to luxury suites and clubs. In fact, few people ever get to experience baseball from such an exclusive position.

Minute Maid Field doesn’t just focus on Houston’s elite who can afford to pay higher ticket prices for fancy amenities. The Astros know that they have plenty of fans who don’t want the frills. They just want to watch a game of baseball.

If that sounds like you, consider getting tickets in the following sections. They’re affordable, but still give you a good view of the game. Typically, fans should stick to seats that keep them within the infield’s lines. On the home team side, that would include sections 122 to 125. Section 126 is also good, but you will want to sit as close to home plate as possible so you don’t miss important plays.

On the visitors’ side, try sitting in sections 116 through 112. The closer you can get to the field, the better you will experience the game. However, if the front rows are full, you can still get an unobstructed view sitting in the rear rows of these sections. They are highly recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy a game and some snacks at an affordable price.

Outfield Seats

Once you get beyond Section 126, you are in the outfield. Some people don’t mind that. If you like sitting there, then you’re in luck. The tickets are cheap and you can usually find an empty seat.

Sections 111 through 109 are seats with quality views. Anyone sitting there should be able to see the game well without constantly asking closer people for updates. If you go below section 109, you risk visual obstacles. Plus, the distance will make you wish you had brought your binoculars. Again, some people are fine with that. If you don’t mind, then these sections are perfect for you.

Sections 150 through 156 are essentially a no-man’s land. The seats are cheap, but they are far into the outfield. Unfortunately, guests can’t see most of the action very well from these seats. Many of them probably spend the game watching the monitor and hoping a homerun comes their way. Still, sitting in section 156 puts you a lot closer to the game than you will get sitting on your couch!

Saving Money on Astros Tickets

If you plan to visit Minute Maid Field several times during a season, then you should consider purchasing a multi-game pass. Doing so will lower the amount of money that you spend on each game’s ticket.

Some options include:

  • Seven-game plans that let you choose from packages of seven games
  • 14-game plans that let you pick and choose from the season’s games
  • 28-game plans that let you choose various seats to 28 games (28 of the best seats will cost about $1,700. Cheaper seats cost about $350.)
  • Full-season tickets with prices that vary considerably (full-season tickets in View Deck 2 cost about $850. A full season at the Diamond Club can cost over $31,000).

Now that you know more about your seating options at Minute Maid Field, you can buy tickets that match your interests and your budget.

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