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The Best Food at Minute Maid Park

Astros Tickets Guide – Best Food at Minute Maid Park

You know you have a good day ahead of you when you have Astros tickets. Getting ready for the game means preparing to enjoy yourself. If you’ve never been to Minute Maid Park, you won’t know the food options available, and surely you don’t want to spend all your time at the game wandering around, trying to decide what to eat. So, here’s a guide to show you some of the best food options to choose from.

FiveSeven Grill


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Time to satisfy your craving for meat with this delicious grill stand. Ask them to fire up a rib eye steak, roast some chicken, or grill some fish. If you want more than just a slab of meat, the stand also offers sandwiches and burgers. You’ll find the FiveSeven Grill in only one location in the park: section 156.

Kickin’ Nachos

Monster nachos, fajita chicken nachos, BBQ brisket nachos, buffalo chicken nachos, and nachos supreme all top the menu at this stand. You certainly won’t leave wishing you had more than just cheese. Get some water, soda, or beer from the stand to wash it down. You can find Kickin’ Nachos in sections 114 and 427.

Sam’s Bistro

If you’re looking for some delicious, yet healthy options, go to Sam’s Bistro. They specialize in carvery sandwiches, so you can still get your filling of meat. They also have a salad station. If you want something a little warmer, get one of their loaded baked potatoes. Sam’s bistro can be found in section 224.

Taqueria and Grille

When you’re this close to Mexico, it’s a travesty not to have some Mexican food available. That’s why the stadium offers the Taqueria and Grille. Get your fix of fish or beef tacos, or a cheesy quesadilla. They also have funnel cakes for dessert, and candy is available for a sweet snack. You can find the Taqueria and Grille in section 216.

Top Dog

A perfect place for baseball food staples, Top Dog delivers what it promises with hot dogs, sausages and even veggie dogs. If you want a snack, go for the peanuts, cracker jacks, popcorn, pretzels, or French fries. You can wake yourself up a bit with a coffee from the stand as well, or just get something to wash it all down like a refreshing soda or icy beer. You can find Top Dog in sections 210 and 409.

Maverick Smokehouse

Get your BBQ on at the Maverick Smokehouse. They have a delicious BBQ brisket sandwich along with barbecued potatoes. Chips, peanuts, and cracker jacks come as perfect complementary sides. Wash it all down with water, beer or soda. The Maverick Smokehouse is found in sections 124 and 410.

Prince’s Hamburgers

Prince’s is the place to go when you want a solid burger. Along with hamburgers and cheeseburgers, the stand also offers chicken tenders, hot dogs, corn dogs, and French fries. If you want a salty side, go for the popcorn or the peanuts. If you want dessert, you can grab a milkshake from the stand as well. Prince’s hamburgers can be found in sections 134 and 420.

These food options are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater. The next time you go to Minute Maid Park, make sure you check out all the tasty eats and enjoy the game!

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