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The Ultimate Mariners Tickets Buyer’s Guide

Mariners Tickets Guide – How To Choose The Best Seats For You

Before buying Seattle Mariners tickets, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Safeco Field’s seating options. That way, you can choose the best seats that fit into your budget. This seating map guide will also give you information about the amenities that you get with premium sections, such as the KeyBank Diamond Club and the All-Star Club. You might find that the extra services make the higher prices worth it.

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KeyBank Diamond Club

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The KeyBank Diamond Club has the best seats at Safeco Field. This exclusive area has 370 seats located right behind home plate. When you sit here, you get to see the game from the umpire’s perspective. From the front center seats, you can literally see the ball leave the pitcher’s mound and head towards the batter. No other fans in the park see the challenges that batters face when they play against some of the best pitchers in the MLB.

From seats that wrap around the field’s sides, you can talk to the batters on deck. You actually have a better position than the sports reporters sitting in the press box. They have to wait until after the game to interview players. You can do it during any gaps in play.

The Diamond Club has eight rows and four sections (sections 25, 27, 33, and 35). Row A is the closest to the field. Row H is the farthest from the field. Sitting in Row A, you’re practically out there with the players. Row H and those between also offer plenty of thrills. You cannot choose a bad seat in the Diamond Club.

Tickets to the Diamond Club get you special amenities, including:

  • free VIP parking
  • a private entrance
  • a complimentary buffet and bar
  • an exclusive menu with a server who brings food and drink right to your seat
  • a complimentary media guide
  • programs and game day notes that give you an insider’s perspective on the game

Obviously, the best seats at Safeco Field cost more than others. Add all of those “freebies,” and you know that you’ll have to pay extra for the royal treatment. The Mariners have six game plans that you can purchase, so you can choose one that matches your budget best. You should know ahead of time that you have to purchase full season tickets to get seats in the first four rows.

  • Full season tickets cost anywhere from about $13,000 to about $28,000 (Row A seats are the most expensive. Row H seats are the least expensive)
  • 40-game plans, seats in rows E through H, cost between $7,000 and about $10,000
  • 20-game plans, seats in rows E through H, cost between $4,000 and about $5,200.

There are four 20-game plans (plan A, B, C, and D). Each one has its own selection of dates. Look over the schedules carefully before committing to a plan.

Once you purchase a full season ticket, you get the option to purchase the same seats next season before anyone else. That makes it difficult for most people to buy single-game tickets, especially for the first four rows. Getting a ticket isn’t impossible, but it does take quite a bit of luck.

All-Star Club Presented by EQC

All-Star Club seats are located over the first base line in terrace sections eight through 15. The section has three rows. From this perspective, fans can see all of the action on Safeco Field without any barriers (there are a few row one seats with obstructions, but you get a price discount for the inconvenience). All 140 seats are wider than the stadium’s standard seats. They also have cushions that make your experience more comfortable.

Many fans prefer the All-Star Club because it has a roof that protects them from the sun or occasional showers. The All-Star Club also offers a perfect view of the scoreboard and several monitors that offer an up-close view of the field. From these seats, you get to enjoy every aspect of the game, including plays that you can’t see well from seats closer to the field. When you want a bird’s-eye view with the option to see details on the field, this is the perfect place to sit.

The All-Star Club also comes with great amenities, including:

  • VIP parking
  • park entrance via the sky bridge
  • a complimentary buffet with dessert bar
  • an exclusive food menu
  • access to a private cash bar with beer, wine, and spirits

Fans can choose between 11 ticket plans at the All-Star Club. Full season tickets start at about $8,000 for row one obstructed seats and go up to about $10,000 for row one unobstructed seats. Seats in rows two and three cost about $9,000.

There are two half-season plans. Each plan has its own selection of dates. Row one obstructed seats cost about $4,000 for the half-season plans. Row one unobstructed seats cost about $5,000. Rows two and three cost a little over $4,000.

Safeco Field has eight 10-game plans. Like the half-season plans, each one has its own selection of dates. Make sure you look at the options closely to choose one that matches your schedule. You don’t want to miss any games. 10-game plans start at about $1,000 for row one obstructed seats. Row one unobstructed seats cost somewhere between $1,300 and $1,400. Rows two and three are usually about $100 cheaper than row one unobstructed seats.

Main Level Seats

Given the exclusivity of the Diamond Club and All-Star Club, only a few hundred people get to enjoy those seats. The Main Level, however, has plenty of options for anyone willing to pay the premium for excellent seating without the extra benefits.

The best Main Level seats are in the lower part of sections 119 through 141. This is the part that wraps around the infield, stopping at the grass line. From these seats, you can see all of the action on the field without having to strain your neck or bring a pair of binoculars. Safeco Field only sells full season plans for these seats. They cost about $3,500.

The upper area of the Main Level offers more options. Fans can purchase full season tickets for about $3,300. They can also buy:

  • weekend plan tickets
  • business plan tickets
  • half season 1 tickets
  • half season 2 tickets

These plans cost between $1,600 and $1,800. Are they as good as the lower level seats? No, not exactly. You will sit several yards back from the premium lower level seats, so you won’t have as good a view. Still, this is an excellent option. As long as you stick to the infield seats, you can see the game perfectly well. However, you probably won’t be able to understand what the players are saying to each other.

Club Level Seats

The Club Level seats at Safeco Field are located just above the Main Level. If you want to sit in the Club Level, try to get seats in sections 220 through 227 or sections 233 through 240. These sections line up with the infield, so you’ll get the best view of the game. The farther out you go, the harder it is to see the game details. Club Level seats are always pretty good no matter what section you sit in, but there’s a good reason that the infield sections have higher ticket prices.

You can sit in the best Club Level seats for about $3,800 for a full season or about $2,000 for half-seasons. If you sit farther out in sections 214 through 216 or 244 through 246, you only pay about $3,000 for a full season. Half-season plans cost about $1,600. You can also choose a weekend plan or business plan. Both cost about $1,600.

Bleacher Seats

Bleacher seats are the cheapest option at Safeco Field. You can get a full season pass for just over $1,000. That’s pretty affordable for 81 games.

The obvious problem with the bleachers is that you sit behind the outfield. That means you won’t have an up-close view like people sitting in the Main Level. Still, there are some advantages to having a bleacher seat, especially if you’re the kind of person interested in catching homerun balls.

For the best bleacher seats, look to sections 180 and 181. They are located along the third base line, and they are as close as you can get to the infield while sitting in the bleachers. They also give you a decent chance of catching those near-homeruns that turn into fly balls.

If you want an inexpensive way to experience a Mariners game, head to sections 180 and 181.

Now that you know more about seating options at Safeco Field, what tickets will you try to buy for your next Seattle Mariners game? Will you go all out by choosing one of the premium sections, or will you save some money by sitting in the bleachers? All seats offer a great time at the ballpark. It’s mostly a matter of how close you want to sit to the excitement and what kind of amenities you want.

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