How The Lion King Became The Highest Grossing Show Ever

The Lion King Tickets Guide – How It Became The Highest Grossing Show Ever

Can one little lion save the pride of a Broadway show? There’s no word yet on how star character Simba impacts sales of The Lion King tickets, but this production nonetheless has quickly become the highest grossing Broadway show of all time.

The musical feature is now a Broadway main attraction. The show — like Simba — has returned to its (re)birthplace stronger than ever and ready to fight. While audiences are still captivated by the story and find themselves coming back for more, it turns out the show’s producers and Disney worked hard to strategically position the play as Broadway royalty.

The Story That Started it All


The Broadway show is based on the 1994 animated Disney film by the same name. On stage, the story shines through carefully crafted costumes and exciting large-scale puppetry. The costumes and stage sets are somewhat fierce in comparison to the classic animated film, but that’s what makes it unique. The Broadway play captures the cartoonish character and story of the young lion, Simba, but invites a slightly more Shakespearean version of his plight on stage as the adult lion fights for his family’s pride.

The play still features all the supporting characters you’d expect from the Disney film, including Scar and even Pumbaa and Timon, but their stage presence are slightly more startling and strange (in the best of ways).

Becoming the King of Broadway

Since the show’s early beginnings in 1997, just three years after the film’s release, “The Lion King” initially struggled to find its identity among other major Broadway productions. The major turnaround for the show had nothing to do with casting or costumes; it was the cost of the ticket.

The New York Times notes that the “circle” of the show’s “life” is in the pricing strategy, “Since 2011, the show’s producers, Disney Theatrical Productions, have been relying on a computer algorithm to recommend the ticket prices that audiences would be likely to pay for each of the 1,700 seats at every performance in the Minskoff Theater.”

The show has grossed about $4.8 billion to date.

The “Mane” Attraction

The show has been widely received with productions across the U.S. and even in Sydney, Australia. Aside from the strategic pricing, the main attractions lie in the artful costumes, the talented cast, and the timeless story.

From animated to live action, “The Lion King” is completely reimagined on stage. No wonder the play is so mesmerizing; the producers and set designers alike “[have] used every trick in the book, from 17th century stagecraft to African costume design and Asian puppetry. The result was a groundbreaking fusion of high art and lowbrow good fun,” ABC News reports.

Pricing the Pride

According to the Washington Post, “”The Lion King” has something of a size advantage; the show is held in a bigger theater. Plus, anyone who has tried to score a ticket to the most expensive puppet show ever knows the average price for a seat is $155.09, whereas a ‘Phantom’ ticket costs $98.97.” The show’s top tickets can cost as much as $197.50.

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