Who’s the Top Dog? The 6 Most Creative Ballpark Hot Dogs

These days your MLB tickets don’t just get you to game. They also give you access to a new age for hot dog creativity at ballparks. The dog is just the canvas and the toppings are what turns a plain old sausage into a work of art. At stadiums all across Major League Baseball, the weirdest and wackiest hot dog ideas have become reality and these are six dogs around the league .

Try the Polish Hill Dog at PNC Park


If there’s a hot dog that represents the city where it’s served better than the Polish Hill Dog, it has yet to be discovered. Named after the primarily Polish neighborhood less than three miles from PNC Park, the Polish Hill Dog starts with a natural casing dog from National Deli that’s grilled and tucked into a Breadworks potato roll. The dog is then topped with fried onion straws, cole slaw, and what may be the most unique hot dog topping in all of baseball: mini pierogies. A special taste of a special neighborhood, all in one bite.

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Poutine Dog at Comerica Park


credit: Alan Stamm

credit: Alan Stamm

If you grew up in Quebec, you definitely know poutine as the greatest comfort food around. If you grew up anywhere else, you may not know that this heavenly combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy exists – unless you’ve been to a Tigers game this year. Just across the U.S/Canada border at Comerica Park, they’ve taken the French-Canadian favorite and made it into a hot dog. For $7, you get a natural casing dog topped with french fries, cheese curds, and beef gravy. O Canada! O Detroit!

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Crab Mac ‘n Cheese Dog at Oriole Park Camden Yards

Orioles Mac and Cheese Dog

Stuggy’s is known throughout Baltimore for their crazy hot dogs and their Orioles Park location maintains that reputation with this monster dog: a split all-beef hot dog with a huge scoop of macaroni and cheese on top along with lump crab meat and a bit of Old Bay. If you’re eating one of these, it doesn’t matter what’s happening on the field because, no matter what, you’re a winner.

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Taco Dog at Globe Life Park



Think of this like the Inception version of a hot dog. Start with an all-beef hot dog, then hide it inside a hard-shell taco by layering ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, jalapeños and cheese on top. Now take the whole thing and stuff it inside a fluffy, toasted sausage roll. That’s three layers of hot dogging insanity and it could be yours if you grab tickets to a Rangers’ game from ScoreBig.

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Italian Hot Dog at Tropicana Field

Italian dog

Tampa Bay may not be the hot bed of Italian culture that you’d find in New York or New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own. Case in point: the Italian Hot Dog, a grilled Kayem all-beef dog topped with onions, grilled peppers, and thick round slices of fried potatoes. The whole thing gets jammed into a half-circle of baked pizza dough for the authentic Italian street food experience. Head on over to Section 114 at Tropicana Field to experience it for yourself.

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The Island Dog at Kauffman Stadium


When you think about Kansas City, you think about the Hawaiian islands, right? Okay, maybe not, but with this Island Dog, you can mentally escape the Midwest and taste your tastebuds to the tropics with a grill all-beef dog topped with pineapple (of course!), ham (of course?), Mandarin oranges, something called Hawaiian slaw, and sweet teriyaki sauce. It’s enough to get anyone in the aloha spirit – even in Missouri.

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By Jason Kessler for the ScoreBlog

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