30 Reasons the 2014 NFL Season Can’t Come Soon Enough

Are you ready for some football or what? The months between the Super Bowl and the start of the NFL season always feel endless. Sure, there are things like the Draft and training camps to keep you engaged, but if you’re really honest, you basically just spend February-August counting the minutes until you can scan your NFL tickets at the gate and go to the game. The good news? It’s almost here. In just 30 days, your favorite teams will start the long, hard fight for a spot in the playoffs, and hopefully, a Super Bowl victory. Of course, the dream of winning the Lombardi Trophy is the biggest reason to watch football, but since that only happens for one out of 32 teams (buzz kill, we know), we thought we’d remind you of all of the other reason why football season is the best season. And why you need to get your football tickets from ScoreBig right now!

30. Finally, you have something to care about again
Sure, there’s other stuff like: family, friends, and your job. But none of that stuff is FOOTBALL.

29. Fantasy football
Your team has a witty name without too many obvious puns, your hours of research ensured you kicked butt in the draft, and you’ve created reminders on your phone so you never forget to set your line-up. This is your year, man. This is your year.

28. Football’s more fun to watch than any other sport
Basketball, baseball, and hockey are great. And it was definitely fun to get caught up in the World Cup for a minute there. But the fact of the matter is: none of those sports even come close to the excitement of NFL football.

27. Rivalries
49ers/Seahawks, Cowboys/Redskins, Bears/Packers, Ravens/Steelers… Most NFL games are fun to watch, but rivalry games get top billing for a reason.

26. Small talk that actually means something
Now you’ll have something of importance to discuss with that guy who sits three desks down from you. You know, the one you’ve been avoiding since you ran out of things to say about the NFL Draft.

25. Sacks
It’s The Worst when it happens to your guy, but watching a defensive player rush the quarterback and bring him down… Is there anything more satisfying?

24. The perfect excuse
Sundays are for football and only football. Which means you have the perfect excuse to get out of baby showers, play dates, birthday parties, and anything else that would require you to change out of your sweats.

23. Two-minute drills
Without a doubt, the two-minute drill in the 4th quarter is one of the most exciting things about football. The game is on the line. The offense needs to score. They’re hurrying the ball down the field — but not so fast the other team will get it back — with the hopes of scoring the winning (or tying) points. Anticipation, uncertainty, hope, and terror: the two-minute drill is everything that’s perfect about offensive football.

22. Commercials that are actually fun to watch
No one watches commercials anymore unless they’re tuned in to a live event. Luckily, advertisers go out of their way to make the commercials shown during NFL games some of the most entertaining out there. And there’s always a new batch each season.

21. Baseball AND football
For the first two months of the football season, baseball’s happening as well. And this is good baseball — baseball that really matters. Which means there’s always a good game on.

20. Watching the rookies
Will they live up to the hype? Be a total bust? Now’s the time to find out which rookies will surpass expectations and make an impact on the team and which ones were a waste of a draft pick.

19. Interceptions
He steps back, looks downfield, releases the ball, and… INTERCEPTION!!!!!!! All the better if it’s also a pick-six.

18. Getting dressed made easy
There’s no dry cleaning, ironing, or making sure your shoes match your belt. The only wardrobe decision you have to make on game day is whose jersey to wear.

17. Anticipation
Regardless of whether your team wins or loses, there’s always a game next week (well, until there isn’t, anyway). You get to spend the entire week analyzing players, watching highlights, and making bold predictions. And then there’s that giddy feeling when you wake up on Sunday morning. That feeling you just can’t shake until kickoff. And even then, sometimes not until well into the first quarter.

16. Junk food
Football just tastes better when there are wings, pizza, and potato chips involved. Fact.

15. Hard hits
You know the ones: when the loud crack of two bodies colliding is so intense that everyone lets out a collective “Oof!” As long as they’re legal, bring ‘em on.

14. An emotional outlet
Some people go to therapy, others watch sad movies, and there are those who want to talk everything out. You? You watch football. It’s the perfect way to experience a roller coaster of emotions — highs, lows, disappointment, glee — all in a pre-determined three hour window.

13. Beer
There aren’t many reasons to start drinking at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. But NFL football is definitely one of them. How else will you wash down the wings?

12. Surprise teams
There’s always one — a team everyone more or less completely wrote off — who comes from nowhere and has an amazing season and playoff run. Even if you’re rooting against them, it’s always fun to watch.

11. Watching the greats
Unless one of these guys is on your team, you’re likely rooting for him to fail. Still, it’s hard to not appreciate a perfect spiral, a 53-yard field goal, a perfectly timed block, or an exceptional run down the field. For some of these guys, their time in the NFL is winding down. Enjoy the highlights while you can.

10. Trash talk
Between players and sometimes even the coaches, trash talk is always entertaining. And if you’re lucky enough to have a friend or co-worker who roots for your rival team, you can definitely get in on the action too.

9. Going to games
If you’re lucky enough to score tickets, there’s just nothing like an NFL game. Nothing.

8. Monday Night Football
Listen, Mondays are going to suck no matter what. But now they’ll suck a little less because when work ends? Football begins.

7. Thursday Night Football
Thursday Night Football is not without criticism, but if your team isn’t the one suffering because of the short week, it’s just another night of football to watch and who’s going to complain about that?

6. Touchdowns
Interceptions, sacks, even field goals: they’re all great. But nothing is quite like a touchdown.

5. Revenge
Unless your team won the Super Bowl, there’s something you want revenge for that happened last season. A late hit, a bad call, a heartbreaking loss… Now is your time to get even for everything unjust or just annoying that happened last year.

4. Something to look forward to
Football is like a mini vacation you get to take EVERY SINGLE WEEK from September through January.

3. A sense of community
The nod you give the guy sporting your team colors the day after a win, the high fives you dole out to anyone within reach after a big play, the jumping up and down hug you and your friends do after a crazy comeback… Nothing brings people together like football. Nothing.

2. Sundays are the best days
From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, Sundays are all about football. Pre-game shows and post-game wrap-ups bookend over 10 hours of non-stop football. It’s guilt-free TV at its finest.

1. Hope and optimism
The best part of every NFL season? The feeling that this year… This year could be YOUR year. You get goose bumps just thinking about it.

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By Daisy Barringer for the ScoreBlog

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