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The 10 Biggest Superfans in Baseball

There are baseball fans and there are baseball Superfans. What makes a true superfan? It’s not just buying MLB tickets or even being a season ticket holder. Superfans show up at every game, rain or shine, through highs and lows. They stand out from the crowd in a way the fair-weather fan can’t deny. And they make the game more fun for all of us. Let’s meet ScoreBig‘s favorite superfans for 2014.

Most Loyal Red Sox Fan? It’s All In The Hat

Image credit: audioboo.fn

Image credit: audioboo.fn

Longtime Boston Red Sox ticket holder Lynne Smith of Wellesley, MA was awarded most loyal fan by the Red Sox organization and it’s easy to see why. Her famed hat is decorated with 30 small helmets representing every MLB team and is a modeled after Fenway Park, complete with a Citgo sign that lights up, just like at the stadium. A true die-hard, Lynne’s bathroom at home is painted like Fenway Park and comes fully equipped with Yankee toilet paper.

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Dodger Elvis Never Leaves The Building

Pictures in the News: Los Angeles

If you get Dodgers tickets to a home game, you might just run into Dodger Elvis. A die-hard Dodgers fan since working as a parking lot attendant in 1988, Danny Del Torro hopes the magic of The King will bring the Dodgers back to World Series glory.

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Bald Vinny and The Bleacher Creatures


Look closely at your Yankees tickets, are you seated near Section 203? If so, then it’s time you get to know the Bleacher Creatures and their recognizable, outspoken leader “Bald Vinny.” The creatures are die-hard Yankee fans known for their fierce loyalty and heckling of opposing fans. If you find yourself near section 203 wearing the opposing team’s jersey – go home and change!

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The BFIB’s Of Busch Stadium: Best Fans In Baseball


The Cardinals have one of the longest and most decorated records in baseball, with 11 World Series championships and 19 National League pennants. And they also have some the self-anointed “Best Fans In Baseball” or BFIB’s (bee-fibs). It’s not just at the game. You’ll also find them online with #BFIB.

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The Brew Crew

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As the ultimate symbol of Milwaukee’s long history of beer making, the “Brew Crew” are a legion of die-hard fans that wait in line for Brewers tickets despite sleet, snow or an outright blizzard. Considered the tried and true, The Brew Crew aren’t just fans, but a community. Beer drinking aside, they interact away from the field on outings like “Brew Crew and the Zoo” and through a large social media network and newsletter. The loyal Brew Crew was rewarded in 2011 with a division title – breaking a 29-year losing streak.

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The Phillie Phanatic


Widely regarded as one of the best mascots in baseball, the Phillie Phanatic holds the title of the Phillies’ biggest fan. Get Phillies tickets and you’ll see a large, easily recognizable green creature can be found roaming the field of Citizens Bank Park on an ATV, mingling with fans, shooting hot dogs into the stands, doing the “The Phanatic Dance” on top of the Phillies dugout, or serving the broadcasters philly cheesesteaks. The Phanatic never rests.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates Revive Buc Nation


Known more in recent years for the winning ways of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pirates – lovingly referred to as “Bucs” or “Buccos” short for the pirate synonym Buccaneer, are in the midst of a huge resurgence led by superstar center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Considered one of the longest standing rivalries in baseball and the ultimate duel between western and eastern Pennsylvania — Buc Nation’s favorite days are when the Phillies come to town.

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The Killer P’s of San FranKillerPs

The SF Giants may best be known for their scenic ballpark by the bay, or their two World Series titles in the last four years, but they also have the peas – The Killer P’s. Originated in honor of Giants star players Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan, The Killer P’s are lean, green and definitely stand out in the crowd.

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The Oldest Chicago Cubs Fan

CT ct-cubs-honor-centenarian-met-05.jpg

A century in the making, 100-year-old Cubs die-hard fan Louis Reinhart finally got to carry out a dream and was invited to drop the ball on the mound at a recent Chicago home game. At age 100, and still too young to have seen the Cubs win a World Series, Reinhart has forever been one of their most devoted fans. Reinhart has had Cubs tickets for most of the last century, what other super-fan can claim that.

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Where Art thou Romeo? At the Orioles game. O’s Superfan With a Cause


Baltimore Orioles Superfan Romeo Santos grew up on O’s baseball and vowed after returning from his second deployment to Iraq in 2005 to get more Orioles tickets. (He currently averages 50 a year) When the seats at Camden Yard were barely packed, Romeo began selling seats as a fundraiser for his wife’s charity. Sadly, she passed away from Breast Cancer in 2011, but Romeo has continued in her honor, raising more than $70,000 for local charities through Orioles fundraisers. Known for his Orioles tattoos and bright orange faux hawk construction helmet, Romeo was voted into ESPN’s Fan Hall Of Fame in 2013.

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By Amy Sorlie for the ScoreBlog

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