ScoreBig Haikus!

This week, ScoreBig decided to celebrate National Bad Poetry Day. We traded bad haikus for ScoreBig credit for sports tickets, broadway tickets, concert tickets and more. Here are some of our favorite ScoreBig haikus:

Andrew Laine (@ofdoxiesandmen) celebrated the start of football season:

Football is here now,
Preseason counts, doesn’t it?
Dear heavens, it’s bad. 

Aaron Chilbert (@AChilbert) is thinking baseball:

Not Football, Not Yet
It’s Still Baseball Season 
Put Me in Coach I’m Ready to Play

Alex Benet11 (@AlexBenet11) shows his San Francisco Giants pride:  

7th inning stretch
Barry Bonds the ball and slam 
into Stretch’s cove

Josh Dodson (@joshdod64) also writes his ode to SF:

The best baseball team, 
Plays in a park by the sea,
In San Francisco.

@arlanaupdate is a proud Angels fan:

Angels baseball
nice summer night
California home

Jacov Sowinski (@jacobsowinski) is another Angles fan, who’s feeling the faith alive:

Angels in first place / 
Josh Hamilton is slumping / 
But I still believe

Matt Gutierrez (@mgutierrez_266) likes the Rangers:

ScoreBig rangers are red and also blue 
Can I please have that credit? 
I want to see them play

Fletcher King (@BloodRedCobra) is our proud Cardinals fan:

Going to see the 
Cardinals on this Sunday night.
Let’s Protect the Nest!

Keri Abbott (@Kerrott) was our most poetic entry:

Brightly colored sky
Imagination in turn
Waiting for sunset

Sarah Lee (@BearahLee) also opted for poetry:

The day is quite warm
The night is even warmer
It must be summer

Derrick Holt (@TheDerrickHolt) had a fan fail:

The Soggy Nachos
Drip down my brand new Jersey
An eternal stain

Mel Turi (@melturi) thinks soccer:

Lines up a corner,
Messi goes for the corner,
And it’s in the net

@gastronomick thinks tennis:

my god i love sports
/ better to see federer /
do a ‘tweener shot.

Jessice Torres (@JessicaOakCliff) can’t wait to buy NBA tickets

I miss the Mavericks. 
Cannot wait for basketball. 
Need to buy tickets!

Seattle fan Manny (@BeastModeManny) knows what makes ScoreBig great: 

need good seats now
Why not try ScoreBig dot com
Best seats for low price

@ambrosious is also Seattle Loyal

I like football games,
Too bad Seahawks are sold out,
Score Big you are cool!!!

Chip Harnett (@icunmypc) is another Seahawks fan:

The Seahawks kick butt
Football season has begun
Shout to all, Go Hawks!

Tim Devine (@Devine_T_91) knows that good seats matter:

Club seats what a site
In my seats that are great 
Darn that hotdog cannon 

Kyle P (@kdpullen28) started with a compliment:

Scorebig is the best.
They always deliver the goods.
Now provide that code!

Noah Holt (@azspudman) focuses on what ScoreBig is about:

My tickets were cheap
But the location was not
I scored on scorebig

Derek Kohler (@DerekKohler) had a poetic interpretation. (Very meta!)

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense

Sara Margeson (@SarruhStarr) wins most disturbing:

We met in night class.
I thought you were crazy then.
I hope you die.

Jake (@JakeKo412) didn’t write a haiku exactly, but he might be our best, worst poet:

roses are red violets are blue blah blah blah give me the tickets.

Think you can do better (or more accurately worse)? Tweet us your bad haikus now @Scorebig. $10 credit ends at 3pm ET on 8.20.

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