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NFL Stadiums Introduce New Technology

When you have NFL tickets, there’s a new rising star that you’ll get to see on game day: technological innovation. It’s no longer enough for the players to be bigger and faster, fans now expect that from their stadiums as well. We took a look at the five NFL stadiums that are currently leading the pack for the most extraordinary improvements and advances in stadium technology and overall fan experience.

EverBank Field, Jacksonville Jaguars EverbankField_tickets

The Jacksonville Jaguars spent $63 million dollars this year to make some pretty interesting improvements to EverBank Field in an attempt to get fans off of their couches and into stadium seats. The most impressive addition? The world’s largest HD video displays. Yes, displayS, plural. The two end zone screens measure 60 feet high by 362 feet wide (longer than a football field) with a 13HD pixel layout so that video will still show up clearly in the bright Florida sun. The screens will show multiple replays, but also a constant stream of the NFL Red Zone feed so that fans can keep up with other games and their fantasy players. Look closely at the Jaguars seat map, the team also constructed a 42,000 square-foot “party deck” in the north end zone, complete with two pools and 16 cabanas.

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Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco 49ers

Levis Stadium

Levi’s Stadium is the newest NFL stadium and given that it’s located in the birthplace of technology, it only makes sense that the San Francisco 49ers have the most technologically advanced stadium to date. Of course, thanks to the fact that the Bay Area is a world leader in sustainability, the $1.3 billion venue is also one of the most environmentally responsible stadiums to ever be built. Thousands of solar panels on the roof and pedestrian bridges will generate enough solar power over a year to offset the energy used during game days.  A native plant garden lives on the roof. Even the field is green (pun intended!) thanks to recycled water. Levi’s Stadium also has what’s being billed as the most extensive Wi-Fi network of all sports stadiums, which should ensure all fans are able to connect to the Levi’s Stadium app where they can use their mobile tickets, find the shortest bathroom lines, watch on-demand replays, and get food delivered directly to their seats.

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MetLife Stadium, New York Giants and New York Jets 

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium opened in 2010 and was a stadium of many firsts. Since the New York Giants and the New York Jets share this stadium, everything was built to be totally neutral. However, on game days, the exterior changes colors to represent the home team via a system of aluminum louvers and decorative lighting. The stadium also has 48,000 square feet of screens, the most (at the time it was built) of any NFL stadium and an incredibly bright lighting system that was designed to obliterate shadows.

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University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals play on the first fully retractable grass field ever built in the U.S. The field rests on top of a 19 million pound tray that sits on 13 rails. When the field isn’t in use, 76 one horsepower engines move it to the southeast side of the stadium (it takes just a little over an hour from start to finish) so that it’s exposed to daylight. This is also a great feature to protect the field when the multi-use stadium has events other than football. The roof also has two retractable panels that uncover the field, while also providing shade for fans, a necessity in the hot desert heat. Those take about 15 minutes to open.

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SNEAK PEEK: Unnamed, Minnesota Vikings


It’s still under construction, but the Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium, opening in 2016, is set to be one an impressive state of the art facility. Gone is the retractable roof, but in its place: “the largest transparent roof in the world.” Sounds like it could be annoying to clean, but the materials being used (ethylene-tetraflouroethylene) are non-stick, non-porous, and effectively self-cleaning. In addition to the clear roof, giant pivoting doors will open to the downtown Minneapolis skyline, all so that fans will essentially feel like they’re outdoors, but without the burden of actually experiencing the elements. Oh, and for those who remember when the Metrodome’s Teflon roof collapsed during a storm in 2010—don’t worry. The steeply pitched roof is designed for easy snow removal.

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