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Can You Get MLB Tickets for Less Than a Ballpark Beer?

For a lot of fans, MLB tickets require extras like beer and hotdogs. And let’s not forget parking. Who hasn’t had a little bit of sticker shock this summer when they checked out the final tally?

A night out can add up, but it doesn’t have to. We looked at the average cost of stadium beers in comparison to the cost of the most affordable tickets for each team (calculated with data from all secondary market ticket sellers). These are not average ticket prices, just the cheapest way to get in. Our goal was to find the teams that have tickets that are more affordable than a stadium beer.

Good news! At two thirds of all Major League Baseball stadiums, you can find affordable tickets on the secondary market for less than one stadium beer. Of the ten remaining stadiums, eight have secondary market tickets available for less than the cost of two stadium beers.


That must be some expensive beer those stadiums are selling, right? Wrong. Beer markups at the game aren’t as bad as you might think. The stadium will run you a little more than your local watering hole, but it’s hardly festival pricing.

The most expensive beers at the ballpark are the $8 cold ones found at Marlins Park. But before you pity Miami fans, consider that they enjoy the lowest average secondary ticket prices in baseball. Marlins Park is the third smallest stadium, holding 10-20,000 fewer fans than baseball’s largest stadiums. This is great news for fans that want to be close the action. You might not find $10 tickets, but for well under that $30 average price, there are Baseline Reserved section tickets for matchups against division-leading teams. This means that there are plenty of lower-priced tickets—some cheaper than the cost of two beers.

Most San Francisco Giants fans wouldn’t be surprised if you told them their $7 AT&T Park beers ran nearly a dollar over the national baseball stadium average. The average Giants ticket price is the sixth highest in baseball, while the AT&T Park beer price is the seventh highest. With San Francisco’s season heating up, tickets are in high demand, but there are seats available in the lower deck sections for about the cost of four beers.

In Sud City, Milwaukee Brewers fans will find that Miller Park brew prices—at six bucks even—are almost exactly average. Surprisingly, Yankees fans pay the same price as Brewers fans for beer. But the similarities end there: Brewers fans can usually expect to score sub-$40 seconary tickets, while an average Yankees ticket runs well north of $100. But an average ticket price isn’t a typical ticket price. Looking over lower-priced tickets, great deals from stadiums with mid-ranged beer prices pop up. Some Brewers tickets are just over half the cost of a beer. There are occasional, secondary Yankees tickets that are so affordable that fans can get a ticket and a couple beers for less than $30—possibly the best entertainment value in New York.


One of the best beer and ticket combos can be found in Arizona, where Diamondbacks fans can score an average-priced ticket and four beers for about $50. Oakland and the Los Angeles Angels also have great deals, with three beers and a typical ticket hitting that same $50 price point. Bargain hunters can do much better than average, with lower-priced A’s secondary tickets going for around the cost of two beers at Coliseum. For Diamondbacks and Angels tickets at the right game, fans can sometimes get a seat and three beers for under $20 on the secondary market.

That’s three beers and a ticket to the game for less than the cost of two tickets to the movies! Let’s face it, nothing beats going to the game and seeing it live. So if you’re looking for a deal on MLB tickets, don’t forget to check out ScoreBig where you save on every ticket, every day.

By Alan Devenish

**Beer data via the fan cost index. Ticket data an average of all secondary market ticket sellers.


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