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Download These Apps Before Your Next MLB Game

You might think your smartphone is just a distraction when you’re at a baseball game, but guess again. These 10 apps are as essential to the fan experience as really good MLB tickets from ScoreBig. With the right apps, you can order food from your seat, interact with other fans, and even find your car in that massive stadium parking lot. Check out 10 apps that are changing the fan experience.

Order Food to Your Seat 


Bases are loaded, but you’re starving and there’s not a pretzel vendor in sight. What to do? Now, thanks to apps like Bypass Lane, you can order food on your smartphone and have it delivered right to your seat. For now, no single app owns this space, but Bypass Lane has the longest list of professional teams and stadiums on their client list, including the Chicago Cubs. Download it now for Android or iPhone.

Never Get Lost in the Parking Lot Again 


Ever feel like you need a Sherpa and a survival kit to track down your car in the stadium parking lot? Well, wander no more, thanks to the miracle of AR, or “augmented reality.” There are two similar apps apps–Find Your car AR for itunes and Car Finder AR for Android. They come from different developers and have slightly different features, but the concept is the same: Tag your car’s location when you park, and after the game, just follow the directional arrow back to your ride. Amazing! Now if your team’s hitters could use AR to find Clayton Kershaw’s curveball…

Share Your Location &  Never Miss Your Friends


Running late to the game? Now, instead of texting progress reports to your friends every five minutes, you can just use Glympse share your exact location in real time. Named one of the 15 Best Mobile Apps by Mashable, Glympse uses your phone’s geolocation features to send friends, family and seat buddies updates on your whereabouts—even if they don’t have Glympse installed themselves (it can use SMS, text, Facebook or Twitter instead). It’s also great for broadcasting your seat location, so your directionally challenged friends can find their way back from the bathroom.

Meet Fans & Make New Friends


If you like to interact with other fans, whether they’re at the game or on the couch, SportsYapper offers one of biggest communities and simplest interfaces for doing so. The Twitter-like feed for each game allows you to comment, share photos and even “high five” fellow fans. Connecting via Facebook or Twitter makes it easy to invite friends to participate, and you can track teams and games all across the majors, making it especially fun to use as the pennant races heat up.

Lead the Cheers with More Cowbell


Sometimes, the best way to show your team spirit is to make some noise. Noise Nation lets you lead crowd cheers with built-in sound effects including air horn, left and right outfield chants, the “Charge!” bugle, even a cowbell you can activate by shaking your phone. Will all these sounds make you the most annoying fan in the stands? Probably, but who cares? Go, team!

Start a Group Chat 


When it’s your turn to hit the concession stand, WhatsApp, a group chat app, is a must for keeping everyone’s orders straight. Because of its versatility, easy interface and cost (free!), the very popular WhatsApp remains the best solution for asking the whole gang to remind you one more time how many pretzels you’re getting. You can even send pics of the menu for those folks who can’t decide between popcorn and nachos.

Never Get Lost at the Ballpark 

at _the_ballpark

Major League Baseball’s official in-park app, At the Ballpark, offers everything from stats and interactive concourse maps to fun little extras like team videos and player entrance music info. (Did you know that Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera steps into the batter’s box to the sound of Kanye West’s “Mercy”? Now you do.) Use the app to check-in and unlock special offers and even seat upgrades at select parks. You can also upload and share photos from your visit and keep a personalized history of every ballpark you’ve ever attended.

Experience What It’s Like at Bat in the Majors


MLB’s other official app, At Bat,  is meant mainly for home use, but many of its features are equally exciting at the ballpark. A batter’s eye view of the game lets you see each at-bat unfold pitch by pitch, and live look-ins let you watch instant replays of key moments right from your phone. You can also set up push notifications to track other games in progress without having to squint at those little outfield scoreboards.

Test Your MLB IQ

image Credit_WKSU

image Credit_WKSU


Let’s be honest: Baseball isn’t always the most riveting live sport. When the pitcher’s throwing over to first 20 times in a row, you and your friends can pass the time by testing your baseball knowledge with Baseball Legend‘s over 1,250 trivia questions. The app also contains some fun audio content, like Abbott and Costello’s classic “Who’s on first?” comedy routine and Mickey Mantle’s retirement speech.

Don’t Leave Home without Sports Center


The granddaddy of all spectator sports apps, ESPN’s vastly expanded and improved mobile product—upgraded from the old “ScoreCenter” in late 2013—features up-to-the-minute scores, news, stats, video highlights and personalized notifications that can be as specific as letting you know when there’s a pitching change. If you want to keep track of other games in progress while you’re at the park, SportsCenter is the way to do it.

By Andy Hermann for the ScoreBlog

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