NFL Tickets Watch: 17 Games Worth Traveling to This Season

Though some prefer staying home to watch NFL games on the big screen, we’d argue that there’s nothing quite like getting NFL tickets and actually going to a game. The noise, the fans, the palpable excitement in the air…not to mention that as a fan, you’re actually an integral part of the game with defenses relying on you to stomp your feet and yell until you’re hoarse. There’s just nothing like it.

And though home games are always fun, traveling to an NFL game can be the trip of a lifetime if you do it right. For starters, buy your tickets on  Not only will you save on every NFL ticket at ScoreBig, you might have enough leftover to afford the extra travel or at least a nice hotel upgrade.

Not sure which games to checkout? Here are the 17 games in the 2014 (one for each week) that are guaranteed to be great match-ups and a vacation you’ll be bragging about for months.

Week 1: Catch Green Bay Packers with Seattle Seahawks Tickets

If you’re going to travel to an NFL game, why not make it the Thursday Night Football game that opens up the entire season in a stadium known for being the loudest in the league and that sits right in downtown Seattle? The Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl Champs, but Green Bay’s a team that has a shot of actually beating them. Yes, even in Seattle.

The last time these teams met was in 2012 when replacement referees ruled a Hail Mary from QB Russell Wilson to Golden Tate complete for a touchdown, giving Seattle a 14-12 victory. It appeared to many that Packer defender Jennings intercepted the pass and the league later admitted Golden Tate should have drawn an offensive pass interference penalty, negating the touchdown. Regardless, Seattle got the “W” and it’s unlikely the Packers have forgotten.

Week 2: See the Pittsburgh Steelers play with Baltimore Ravens Tickets

This AFC North rivalry is one of the best in the NFL and could have big implications for who ends up winning the division. Both teams are super physical and like to play (and hit) hard. Plus, neither team made the playoffs in 2013, but they’re both strong contenders to do so this season.

Remember when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin interfered with that Jacoby Jones kick return? That was the last time these teams met. The Steelers lost, but the Ravens are likely still pretty peeved about Tomlin’s unsportsmanlike move.

Week 3:  Get Tickets to the Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

Okay, yes, it’s a bummer this game is happening in Seattle (since they seem to almost never lose at home), but still… it’s the Super Bowl rematch and that’s always a great game to watch. This is the Broncos chance to at least get a little revenge for a totally disappointing appearance in the big game.

As we all know, Peyton Manning is 38-years-old and this may very well be his last season in the NFL. If you’ve never seen him play in real life, watching him battle against Seattle’s defense should be a good show.

Week 4: See the Green Bay Packers with Chicago Bears Tickets

This is a 94-year old rivalry. In a league that’s been around for 95 years. And this year,  Julius Peppers, a former Bear, now plays defense for the Pack.

Need more history? Let’s go back to Week 17 of the 2013 season. It’s 4th and 8. Green Bay is down by one. Aaron Rodgers escapes pressure and throws a 48-yard-pass to Randall Cobb, who catches it for the touchdown and clinches the NFC North title. The Bears missed the playoffs completely. Can you say grudge match?

Since this game occurs at the end of September, the weather in Chicago will be mild, meaning you can enjoy the sights and maybe even hang out on Lake Michigan.

Week 5: Catch Kansas City Chiefs with San Francisco 49ers Tickets

The 49ers have a brand new $1.3 billion stadium that is being lauded as most high-tech NFL venue yet. In this match, former 49ers QB Alex Smith returns to SF to face off against his old team for the first time in a game that matters. (The teams met in preseason last year, but no one cared.) It will be lots of fun to see who performs better: Smith or Kaepernick. Alex Smith’s departure was controversial, to say the least. He lost the starting job to Kaepernick after suffering a concussion. This happened a month after he was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. Also worth noting: The 49ers have no viable backup if something should happen to Kaepernick.

Week 6: See Denver Broncos with New York Jets Tickets

The bad news is that right now this is the most expensive Jets game to attend during the 2014 season. But you have to figure, there’s a reason for that. Last season with the Broncos, WR Eric Decker had 87 receptions for 1,288 yards (career highs) and 11 touchdowns. Still, Denver didn’t sign the free agent and Decker now plays for the Jets. This will be the first time he faces off against his former team. There’s a chance Michael Vick will be the starting QB for the Jets and he’s always interesting to watch.

In terms of travel, how often do you get to wake up in the city that never sleeps? Make a weekend out of it and stay in NYC. Yes, the game is in New Jersey, but they’ve made it incredibly easy to get there from Manhattan.

Week 7: See the San Francisco 49ers with Denver Broncos Tickets

Sunday Night Football is always fun, but this may be the best SNF matchup all year. The 49ers travel to Mile High to face off against a team they probably would have beat had they made it to the Super Bowl. The 49ers will definitely be without Navarro Bowman on defense and they may also be without Aldon Smith. This will be a great chance to see if the Niners D really has what it takes against a formidable offense.

Week 8: See the Green Bay Packers with New Orleans Saints Tickets

This is another amazing Sunday Night Football matchup, but in this one features two elite quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees.Plus, these two teams have won the most games in the NFC since 2009 and there’s a good chance they’ll both make the playoffs.

Of course, any excuse to visit New Orleans is worth taking. The Superdome is right in downtown New Orleans and is within walking distance of tons of great hotels, restaurants, and the French Quarter.

Week 9: Catch the Denver Broncos when you get New England Patriots tickets

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning. This matchup is a chance to see two future Hall of Fame QBs in action. Plus, Tom Brady turned 37 this fall. This is his 15th year as the Patriots QB. It’s probably not his last, but it’s getting close.

Tom Brady may be legendary, but so is New England’s fall foliage. The air is crisp and cool. The leaves are a magnificent burst of vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. Take a day trip and enjoy the scenery before spending all day Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

Week 10: Get Dallas Cowboys tickets and Jacksonville Jaguars tickets to see the NFL International Series

For the first time ever, six teams are partaking in the NFL’s International Series in London at Wembley Stadium. The matchup between Dallas and Jacksonville is the last one of the 2014 season. Chances are it will be a long time before the Jaguars make a list like this. This game is the perfect opportunity to see them “at home.” Take the entire family and make a week-long trip exploring one of the world’s greatest cities.

Week 11: See the Atlanta Falcons with the Carolina Panthers Tickets

Though the Falcons-Panthers rivalry isn’t that old (how could it be since the Panthers have only been around since 1995?), it is still an intense rivalry that continued when both teams moved from the NFC West to the NFC South. The Panthers would love to win the NFC South again this year, but no team has done so since the NFC South realigned in 2002. This will be a competitive game in a competitive division.

Week 12: Get tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears

The Bucs are looking a lot better this year, which should ensure this game is a battle from start-to-finish.

Plus there is a lot of history to this rivalry. Lovie Smith was the head coach for the Chicago Bears, but was fired after nine years of service (and one Super Bowl appearance). In January of this year, he was named the new coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And when Bears QB Jay Cutler suffered several injuries last year, it was veteran QB Josh McCown who came in and saved the day, ending the season with a 109.0 passer rating, the best in Bears history. He signed a two-year contract with the Bucs in March.

Week 13: Don’t Miss the Seattle Seahawks with San Francisco 49ers Tickets

Undeniably the biggest rivalry in football right now, this will be the first time the Seahawks and the 49ers meet since Richard Sherman secured the NFC Championship win for Seattle. Plus, this matchup is probably one of the most anticipated of the entire season. All eyes will be on Sherman and Crabtree to see just how bad the blood between them is. Emotions will be running very high. This is going to be a battle you don’t want to miss.

Lastly, this game is on Thanksgiving! While everyone else is stuffing himself with turkey, you’ll be at the shiniest and newest stadium in the NFL. And you can always eat pie after. They’ll save you a piece. Promise.

Week 14: Check out the Atlanta Falcons with Green Bay Packers Tickets

Monday Night Football is always the best night of football. And here’s another great quarterback face-off with Matt Ryan battling Aaron Rodgers.

Watching a game at Lambeau Field should be on any football fan’s bucket list. Yes, it will be cold, but don’t you want to see the Lambeau Leap in person?

Week 15: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Okay, yes, their earlier game just made the list, but this rivalry is so good that both games are worth watching in person. The loser of the previous match (just two weeks before) will be chomping at the bit for revenge. If you thought they played hard on Thanksgiving, this game should be even more intense with both defenses ready to battle. Seahawks fans will be out in full force and the 12th Man is sure to show up like never before.

Week 16: New England Patriots at New York Jets

The Jets-Patriots rivalry has been going on since 1960 and has never failed to make for an entertaining game. Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan are without a doubt two of the NFL’s most animated, colorful head coaches there are. They’ll be just as fun to watch as the action on the field, where CB Darrell Revis will certainly want to show Jets fans and his former teammates that he’s worth every penny of the $12 million New England is paying him.

In terms of travel, New York during the holidays is not to be missed.

Week 17: Check out Dallas Cowboys with Washington Redskins Tickets

It’s hard to pick one game in a week that sees so many division rivals facing off for what’s sure to determine the playoff fates of many. Still: The Cowboys and Redskins in a time-honored rivalry. For the last three years, the Cowboys have been one win away from making it into the playoffs. In each of those years, they lost their final game. If history repeats itself, this could be their chance to get redemption for those losses and actually make it to the playoffs. Or…they could lose it all. Again. Plus, it’s always fun to watch Tony Romo and RGIII is hoping this season will be his best yet.

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