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The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Ticket Buyer’s Guide

There is a certain standard expected for NFL games, and the home of the Dallas Cowboys goes above and beyond to provide an unforgettable game-day experience. Get Dallas Cowboys tickets and you have access to one of the most spectacular stadiums in the country. Some fans would even go as far as saying they had an out of body experience seeing AT&T stadium in all its glory for the first time. In fact, the Statue of Liberty could stand on the 50-yard line and not touch the roof, and that’s one tall woman! To put it simply, this stadium could eat most other stadiums for breakfast.

AT&T Stadium By the Numbers

The venue normally seats 80,000, but can be expanded to a capacity of 105,000. There are 824 concession points and over 1,500 restrooms (much more than most stadiums) so your snack or bathroom breaks won’t keep you away from the game for too long. No matter where your seats are, you’ll have no problem seeing the game on the video board, which stretches from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line on the sidelines. The end zone boards are 53’ long and 30’ high for fans in the end zone seats. If luxury is what you desire, there are 200 suites and 15,000 club seats for you to choose from. And if that annoying fan from the opposing team won’t quit buzzing in your ear, there are plenty of options for your escape inside the stadium. Although you need a pass or suite VIP credentials to gain access to some of the clubs, you can party at the Miller Lite landing at no extra cost (and yes, there are dancers and drinks).

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The Best Food at AT&T Stadium

With enough concession stands to feed a small army, there is plenty of opportunity for you to find a taste that suits your cravings. If you chose club level seating, you will have access to the BBQ brisket quesadillas and green chile kobe burger, which offer the option of a sweet or spicy southern taste. For a twist on two classics, try out the kobe nacho dog which is topped with white cheese and blue corn chips. The Cowboys cheese steak is probably the most impressive item on the menu, made with kobe beef. Some Philadelphia natives even claim that it’s better than the original, but you can make that judgment yourself.

The Best Beers at AT&T Stadium

With Miller Lite being the official sponsor of the Dallas Cowboys, the only beers offered are Miller lite and Miller Genuine Draft. If you want a beer but aren’t a fan of Miller, well….

Healthy Options at AT&T Stadium

If you are looking to keep things on the lighter side, the Fresh Food Fast Café, located at the northeast concession stand, has plenty of fresh fruit and salad options. Just make sure to plan accordingly during evening games since these menu items are only available from 11am – 5pm.


Considering the lack of public transportation to the stadium, you will want to make travel and parking arrangements ahead of time. There are 15 lots surrounding the stadium. Parking opens about five hours prior to events and can cost anywhere from $75 – $400. Additionally, the lots around the Texas Ranger Ballpark may be used as well. For a less expensive option, local businesses around the stadium will charge a little less to park in their lots. Just be prepared to walk a little bit. If you do not want to park at the stadium, there is the option of taking a cab or the Bowl Bus, which is a shuttle service.

Your Seating Options

Row & Seat Level

Knowing exactly where your row and seat numbers will put you in the stadium is helpful in choosing your ideal seat. Sections 109-112 is the home side and sections 134-137 is the visitor’s sideline. The seat numbers in all sections run right to left looking towards the field. So if you are in seat one, you will be at the right end of your section. If you want to be as close to the center as possible, look for seats with lower numbers if your section is to the left of the 50 yard line and seats with higher numbers if your section is to the right of the 50 yard line.

Main Level Seats

If you can’t opt for the hefty price tag on the Hall of Fame suites (which could run anywhere from $200,000 – over $1,000,000 per year since most suites cannot be reserved for single events), this is the next best thing since main level seats are right above the suites. There isn’t a bad seat in these sections with views of touchdowns and access to the main concourse amenities. The only down side is that these sections are limited to viewing the smaller end zone video boards.

The club amenities includ wider padded seats, private entrances

  • Access to premium club lounges
  • Upscale food and beverages

Main Level Club

These sections offer some of the best seats in the stadium. At a higher (but not too high) elevation from midfield along the sideline and great views of the video board, you won’t miss out on any of the action. If you want to sit right on the 50 yard line, sections 210 and 235 are perfect.

Hall of Fame

If you want the closest non-suite seats to the end zones as possible, these are the seats for you. Sections 101, 120, 126, 145, and 146 offer seats in rows 1 through 22, but the remaining sections offer seats in rows 8 through 22 due to field suite seating in the lower rows. The downside of these sections is that fans will have limited views of the video board.

Club Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Club provides amazing views from the sidelines on the lowest level of the stadium. Sections C109 – C112 are right behind the Cowboys bench while sections C134 – C137 are behind the visiting team bench. Sections C135, C136, C111, and C110 are the best seats for impressing a guest since these seats are located right on the 50 yard line. These sections offer the next best thing to standing on the field with the team; and let’s face it, the chances of you becoming a Cowboys coach overnight are about as great as you winning the Texas Lottery, so just go ahead and opt for the tickets if these seats appeal to you.

Hall of Fame Level Suite

The Hall of Fame suites are the most in-demand suites in the stadium. These suites are located at the corners of the end zones just above 100-level seating. Fans in these suites will have access to the Main Club and Silver Club. These suites have a capacity of 20 people and offer an option of 12 to 20 stadium seats. With only 20 rows of seating in front of the suite, you will have a perfectly elevated, luxurious view of the game.

Field Level Suite

These suites are located 18” below the field and include 14 seats above the suite. One of the best benefits is access to the Field Club in which the players walk through during introductions. Access to the Main Club will be provided as well.

Silver Level Suite

Located at the 400-level, Silver Suites offer an elevated view from the end zone corners or midfield. These suites include an option of 16 to 20 stadium seats. Access to the Main Club and Silver Club are provided as well.

Ring of Honor Suite

The Ring of Honor suites are located just above the Silver Level. Amenities are also the same as the perks of the Silver suites and views are similarly offered from end zone corners to midfield.

Star Level Suite

If you want a view from the highest suite in the stadium, this is your best option. With the suite looking down on the field at the 50 yard line and the video board at eye level, you would actually have to try pretty hard to not see the game. Amenities are the same as the Ring of Honor and Silver suites as well.

Click here for an interactive view of all the suites listed above.

Keep in mind all suites offer interior and exterior seating, HDTVs, bar and kitchen, private restroom, five parking passes; one of which is VIP, access to exclusive clubs, and optional catering. There’s a capacity of 20 people per suite.


Mezzanine seating provides views between the sidelines and end zones while leaving your wallet a little heavier than the Hall of Fame or Main seating options. Seats are located on the third tier from the field. With access to over 100 concession stands on the terrace concourse and access to the main concourse as well, amenities will be easily accessible.

Club Mezzanine

These sections offer the highest club seating options with a spectacular view from midfield at an elevated level. Club benefits are included for club mezzanine ticketholders.

Upper Concourse

With seats stretching from every angle of the stadium, you are able to choose any option from midfield to end zone at the lowest price. With only five rows of seating, these sections provide a lighter flow of traffic. Families might want to avoid sections 431-433, 422-424, 401-403, and 452-454 since they have steep aisles and are far from amenities.

Concert Seating

Seating for concerts varies by event, so you will want to look at the seating chart before for the particular event you are attending. Additional seating is usually added on the floor and sections behind the stage are blocked off. Whether you are a die-hard fan who wants to feel the sweat drip off your favorite artist, or a dad who wants to take your daughter to the One Direction concert without having to take out a loan, there is a seat for everyone in the stadium. Even if your back is touching the wall at the top, you will be able to see the performers bright and clear on the huge video board.

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